Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon said an emotional goodbye to Corrie after filming her final scenes as Bethany Platt.
Last April, She decided to leave corrie.

On her Instagram, she posted some memories from Coronation Street and said that Corrie cast was like her 'Second Family'. She thanked everyone for their support. On her Instagram, she said that “It was really difficult for me to leave Corrie after working here for many years and after filming the last scene I was not able to control my tears and like my family, and my Boyfriend paid a visit to the set.

She admitted that I had no idea in which way my life will go after I finished the sixth form five years ago.
But after landing the part of Bethany it was a huge shock for me.



She said that in starting I did not like playing Bethany, She also added that she never thought that she will be this close to her on-screen Corrie Family, including Helen and Tina O'Brien.

She also added she never thought she will call Gail Platt as her friend but here we are and I am grateful for every moment of it.
Platt's family was like my second family.



She also thanked all her fans for supporting her in all her good and bad times. She shared some of her pics from her five years on the set of Corrie.

Lucy's last scene will be aired in March and it instills doubt that will she again return on Corrie as the door will be left open for her.



Lucy's character was never easy it was always tough after being groomed and sexually abused by Nathan Curtis.


Bethany also developed feelings for her friend Daniel Osborne, who was married to Sinead Tinker.

It's still in doubt that whether will she return to Coronation Street or not?


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