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Ziggy Astoni Meet The Character And The Actress Behind Her.

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Home and Away welcomed the first nuclear family in almost two decades to join the cast in 2017: the Astonish. City girl turned beach babe Ziggy Astoni, a rebellious wild child with a tight yet complex relationship with her father, came along with them.
Get to meet Ziggy–and the actress Sophie Dillman who brought this defiant character to life.

Ziggy Astoni Who Is The Astoni Ziggy?
On Home and Away, Ziggy Astoni is a hero. She is Ben and Maggie Astoni's oldest daughter and Coco Astoni's oldest sister. Her family had moved from either the city to Summer Bay to live a' quieter life,' while her life in the coastal town goes through her fair share of ups and downs. 
Ziggy is described as a wild child and a' rebel.' She's the One!

Who's Seeing Ziggy Astoni On The Show?
She already had a boyfriend named Jarrod, before Ziggy had transferred to Summer Bay. Jarrod lied on Ziggy, who pushed her down and into a new man's arms. At some point, it's also reported that Ziggy was dating a guy called Pete four years before the show's events. It didn't take long for Ziggy to come across her first experience in dating on Home and Away, Brody Morgan. Though the two started out as friends, soon after Ziggy breaks up Jarrod they got together. The two had even met, following Ziggy's father's initial opposition. Sadly reality replicated itself, and Brody betrayed Ziggy with one of Brody's co-workers, Simone Bedford. Finally Ziggy and Brody split, and Brody went away with Simone.
Nothing was lost for Zig's relationship-wise though; she ended up with her co-worker Dean Thompson after a rocky start.

Sophie Dillman: Ziggy Astoni Who Is Sophie Dillman at Home And Away?
Sophie Dillman is an Actress from Australia. She is best known for her appearance on the famous Aussie soap opera Home and Away as Ziggy Astoni.

Which Deep Was Sophie Dillman?

Dillman was born on 2 July 1993, which today makes her 26 years old.

How Is Sophie Tall?
Sophie clocks 7 inches in at 1.70 m, or 5 centimeters.

Where Is Sophie Dillman Living?
Dillman's birthplace is in Queensland but, a few years ago, she moved to Sydney to try an acting career.

Was Sophie Dillman Seeing Someone Right now?
Who Sophie Dillman dated in the past is not clear, but the soap opera actress is now dating Home and Away co-star Patrick O'Connor, who is just portraying her Dean Thompson on-screen.

Dillman Was In What Other TV Shows And Films?

Home and Away is the first big performance credit earned by Sophie Dillman. Until securing Ziggy Astoni's part, Dillman worked as a nurse to sustain herself while pursuing her acting.
Sophie earned her acting degree in 2015 and has participated in numerous theatrical productions and advertisements.

Sophie Dillman's Most Iconic Quotes About finally getting her dream job:

"It was my first day as a nurse in a new job and someone just hurled me away.
I went to adjust my scrubs and my agent had skipped a message.
I rang back and they said,' You have a position!
"As an actor, I love being able to jump into another's body and build connections with other artists.
That's just what I was going to do with family Astoni.

From The Burbs To The Bay After getting kidnapped, helping her mother through a diagnosis of cancer, and revealing the adultery of her friend, Home and Away's Ziggy Astoni just can't have a break. Nevertheless, Dillman is living the life–she has the career of her dreams, a major part of a popular show, and a potential budding romance with one of the sexiest stars of Home and Away.

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