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Young&Restless Spoilers: Victoria Plans To Reclaim Her Throne After Victor Demotes Her!

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Breaking news and spoilers for The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) will be demoted by Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), although she won’t stay in that position for very long.

She’ll start making plans right now to take back her hard-won crown from her domineering father.

Highlights from The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Victoria responds positively to Victor’s inquiry about how she feels about Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) decision to leave the company when he visits Newman Enterprises.

She’s sick of Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic), whom she believes Nick doesn’t trust, and her brother’s continual conflict.

Nick’s concerns about Nate, his connection with Victoria, and Nate’s position at the company are the last things Victoria needs or wants right now.

Victoria suggests that Nate be made Co-CEO after Victoria and Nick’s mother, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), was just named CEO of Newman Media.

Victoria insists, but Victor firmly refuses, claiming he already has someone else in mind. Victoria, of course, believes it is Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), with whom she would fiercely disagree.

Spoilers for Y & R: Victoria Newman Shocked by Her Demotion?

Victoria is obviously astonished when Victor selects his choice for Co-CEO of Newman Enterprises, despite the fact that she is wise enough to not let her personal feelings for Nate get in the way.

It’s her, and she doesn’t like it at all. In fact, she is outright humiliated and outraged by the promotion because she is aware that she would lose all of her influence and power.

She had put in a lot of effort to succeed her father at Newman Enterprises, and she had always shown considerably greater loyalty than either of her brothers, including Nick.

Victoria must accept her father’s decision since she has no other option, but this does not obligate her to concur with it, giving rise to an immediate plot.

Spoilers for Victor Newman’s “Sending A Message” on The Young and the Restless

Victor is clearly delivering a message to Victoria, and she is hearing it loud and clear, just as the business community and their rivals will: Victor is back in charge.

He will soon hear back from her because the message she is getting is one of shame and even goes so far as to call it degrading.

She will take back her reign at all costs, even if that means causing the Newman family to splinter or Victor’s health to deteriorate.

Victoria is being tough and plans a crueler retaliation than Victor has ever carried out on his toughest foes.

What’s worse, she seems to have lost all compassion as she shoves others out of her way, seemingly unconcerned with whether they suffer minor injuries or worse.

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