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Why everyone left Home and Away this year

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The show’s 2023 exits explained.

Home and Away is renowned for its rotating door cast; although Summer Bay mainstays like Marilyn Chambers, Irene Roberts, and Alf Stewart have remained for many years, the majority of the other characters frequently go after only a few years.

The trend has continued into 2023, with a few well-known names reaching the end of the line. Some of the guest stars also left after their stories came to a logical end.

Here, we take a look back at the biggest exits of the year thus far and the reasons behind each one.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau Parata)

The media initially learned of Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s decision to step down from Nikau Parata’s job in November 2022. In March 2023, his last moments were broadcast on Australian television.

For a duration of three years, Kawakawa portrayed Nikau, a typical contract tenure for the majority of the younger cast members.

Despite not giving an exit interview, rumors stated that Kawakawa was eager to take on new endeavors.

In recent months, Kawakawa has also been traveling, which includes a trip to the UK.

Although Courtney Miller departed from the Bella Nixon role in 2022, she returned to the show this year as a guest cast member to participate in Nikau’s farewell narrative.

Bella and Nikau’s tragic breakup left a lot of unresolved issues, so Courtney came back for a few episodes to wrap things up and give the young pair their happy ending. This implied that Bella’s 2023 return was always intended to be a quick visit.

Courtney said to the New Zealand website Stuff, in reference to her 2022 departure, “It was my decision to go.” Without a doubt, I had fulfilled my acting obligations. Actually, I stayed for an additional three months. I departed joyfully, but not before crying a lot.”

She said, “I really thought that when I left, I was saying goodbye,” during her brief return in 2023. My tale was continuing without me, so it seemed strange to come back. She was discussed. Even if I, Courtney, didn’t exist in that universe, she did.”

Sophie Dillman (Ziggy Astoni)

It was the end of an era for Summer Bay this year as the sole remaining member of the Astoni family bowed out. Sophie Dillman had played the role of Ziggy since 2017.

Sophie left at the same time as her real-life partner Patrick O’Connor, who played Ziggy’s boyfriend Dean in the show.She told Australia’s TV Week magazine: “We have both done everything possible with our characters and it was time to start a new chapter.”It’s bittersweet and emotional, but we realise how lucky we are to have had such an incredible run.”

Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson)

Patrick’s personality When Dean learned that his young son Jai was going to be transferred to Far North Queensland, he made the decision to leave the Bay with Ziggy. Ziggy’s suggestion that they move closer to Dean made him happy because he didn’t want to be so far away from his oldest child.

Patrick discussed his personal feelings about stepping down from the Dean post after five years in real life.

“It’s a huge commitment and a massive chunk of my life,” he said to TV Week. During our stay, I felt like I transformed into six different persons.

“You’ve grown a lot as a person and as an actor. Although it’s a fantastic place to work, I was prepared to go on.

 Jordi Webber (Kahu Parata)

This year, Jordi Webber brought some color to the Parata residence when his persona Kahu stopped over and threw his cousin Tane for a loop.

Following Tane’s revelation of his secrets, viewers learned that Kahu would not be remaining, having to return to New Zealand to face the music.

This particular plot, which ran for about a month, had Jordi as a guest cast member.

In retrospect, he said to Stuff, “I was living in a van while touring the east coast of Australia at the time, and [the producers] wanted Kahu to be really free, super surfy, and Māori.

“In terms of energy and the person they desired, I was the ideal fit. I got there in that manner.”

“It seemed like the part was meant for me; as though they were just waiting for me to show up and fit in,” he continued. I only needed to accentuate my attractiveness and boldness.

Like most of my fellow natives, I have a large family of cousins named Kahu. It was so simple to channel that, and I made sure to add a little of my own unrestricted, jovial joy as well.”

Joshua Hewson (Andrew Lawrence)

Joshua Hewson’s personality In July, Andrew Lawrence stepped away from Australian television, and a few weeks later, he left the UK as well.

Because of the terrible deeds of the Vita Nova cult, Andrew had an interesting time in the Bay, but after the drama concluded, it was always intended for him to leave.

Speaking with Perth Now about his future goals, Joshua said, “It would be my ambition to get to Hollywood. My goal is to reach there as quickly as I can.

It’s always been my top choice. Aim immediately for Hollywood films and America.”

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