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Videos with Coronation Street spoilers include Abi’s rage, Roy’s shock, and a family betrayal.

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We have three thrilling teaser films to share ahead of another eventful week on Coronation Street.

Although well-meaning Roy Cropper (David Neilson) is giving Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) every opportunity, even this forbearing man will eventually be pushed to the brink.

Lauren is being held by the cops in the cafe after a violent incident.

Additionally, Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney), another disturbed local, is also committing crimes when Abi Webster (Sally Carman) discovers her with her hand in the cash register.

At first, Cassie is highly defensive but quickly changes to pleading after realizing that Abi might tell Tyrone and Evelyn (Alan Halsall and Maureen Lipman) everything.

Additionally, when given full access to the company’s funds, gambling addict Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) runs the risk of relapsing.

It’s obvious that people who are struggling in Weatherfield will find themselves in worse situations next week.

Look at this!

Monday September 4

It took Cassie longer than we anticipated to start stealing from the office, but here, she is caught in the act by an astounded Abi.

Abi tells her that she has dealt with Dean frequently in the past and that she is certain that it is for Dean.

As a result of Abi’s judgment, Cassie becomes defensive and begs her not to speak up as Tyrone and Evelyn enter the garage.

Abi must make a choice.

Wednesday September 6

As Ronnie and Ed discuss the company’s future, Ronnie assures his brother that he won’t keep him in the dark once more.

When Ed says they need additional supplies, Ronnie gives him the company credit card, giving him complete purchasing authority.

We all know why Ed’s face falls behind closed doors—can he resist the urge to gamble the money away?

Thursday September 7

Lauren is being disrespectful by arriving for her shift after it has already started. Roy appreciates her apology and commitment to prevent it from happening again.

But just as the cops arrive and take her into custody for criminal mischief, she has just finished putting her apron on.

In an earlier bout of wrath over Max’s friendship with Sabrina, she wrecked the barbershop.

What will happen as a result, and will Roy let her go?

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