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Treacherous affair, shock fall and a surprise offer: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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In this week’s episode of Home and Away, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) is unable to remain silent as she witnesses Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin) start a risky relationship just days before Bree’s husband returns to Western Australia. She tries to caution Remi about the danger he is assuming, but it is obvious that he is developing feelings for the nurse. Eden makes another attempt while visiting Bree, but the conversation quickly goes off course.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) come to the realisation that they cannot agree on the baby’s surname in another scene. Despite their compelling arguments, they ultimately need to come to an agreement. However, when Ziggy trips on the stairs outside Salt and falls to the first level, baby names become the least of their worries. Is the baby okay?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week beginning January 30.

A walk down memory lane is taken by Cash.

With Gary’s help, Cash has brought up their father’s old ute, which he has then transported to the garage so Justin can fix it up as a wedding present for Felicity. In order to get the engine going, Cash heads down to see how Justin is doing. When the radio starts playing, Cash is propelled quickly down memory lane. When he finds a chain and pulls it out, he discovers that it is his mother’s lost necklace, which she never discovered before passing away, making the experience even more painful.

Gary has a kind offer, but will Felicity take him up on it?
After finding Gary, her foster father, standing in the living room, Felicity is still in shock. When the two were left alone to chat, Felicity was compelled to face her history and confess that she felt guilty for subjecting Gary to so much as a young child. Gary feels sympathetic; Felicity was upset because she lost her father, and no one can hold her responsible for her actions. In fact, later on, while Gary and Tane are talking in the backyard, Gary says he’d like to cover the cost of the entire wedding. Felicity is stunned when Tane tells her the news, and she declines the offer right away. Does she intend to reconsider?

Eden confronts Bree and Remi about their relationship.

Since Jacob left for WA, Eden has struggled to keep quiet after observing Bree and Remi’s growing closeness. When Bree’s husband won’t take it anymore, she tells Remi that what he’s doing is risky. What will he do if he finds out? Remi claims he can’t seem to stop himself from falling for the nurse, though, and that he is. The second person Eden speaks to, Bree, receives a similar answer. Eden, however, is attempting to protect her closest friend, so she queries Bree about the number of Remi’s that have existed previously. But Bree is just enraged by this query.

Roo has been given two weeks to organise an event.
In order to earn money for a food truck that will serve the city’s homeless population, Roo and Marilyn have been working on a fundraiser.

An idea finally occurs to them: a golf tournament! But they must improve it to the point where it will raise $40,000 instead of less. The golf course has agreed to offer them part of the course for free, which is wonderful news! The only available time window was, however, in two weeks. Can his daughter actually organise an event in that amount of time, Alf wonders.

Theo attacks Kirby after a mistake with the assignment
Theo has been paying close attention to Lyrik, his girlfriend, and the garage.
rather than his TAFE employment. Theo is unconcerned because the homework isn’t due for another week when Kirby tells him that it is. After entering the Diner by accident, he starts talking to Marilyn about the golf competition, and she instantly starts testing him on terminology. Then, as Justin asks him to sign for a package at the garage, he has to leave for a band meeting. He skips the meeting and checks his laptop in the garage. He finds out, to his horror, that the assignment is due tomorrow! As moral support, Kirby arrives with some snacks, but Theo yells at her and leaves his lover feeling hurt and sad.

Xander finds Stacey’s non-monogamy challenging.

Stacey, Xander’s new love interest, has made it challenging for him to accept the reality that she isn’t looking for a monogamous commitment and instead wants the freedom to date other people. He chooses to adopt her way of life since he doesn’t want to lose her. Stacey, though, is wary since she believes he’s becoming overly attached. Xander is disappointed to learn Stacey left after their lovely night together the following morning. When he locates her and extends an invitation to lunch, only to learn that she has a date with someone else, it is a further setback for him. Perhaps Xander isn’t the best candidate for this after all.

John and Justin create competing golf teams.
Since first learning about the charity golf competition, John has been eager to participate. When Theo learns he’s an accomplished player, he eagerly agrees to play, even if that means taking on an inexperienced Kirby as well. Leah rolls her eyes later when she sees Justin become enervated by John’s competitive nature right away.

Leah is asked to join the new squad that Justin has formed to compete against John’s right away, but she has little interest in doing so. Theo is Justin’s next stop, and he informs him that Theo will be joining his team. Theo is on the opposing squad, and Kirby wonders if he’ll tell Justin that.

When Mackenzie inquires about the names they have in mind for the kid, Ziggy and Dean realise they don’t have any yet. They start to think about ideas, and when they have a few they test out the entire name. But they rapidly realise that they haven’t come to an agreement regarding the baby’s surname.

When Ziggy takes a serious fall down the stairs outside Salt, the couple immediately forgets about their compromise on the baby names. The couple’s only thought while she lies on the ground waiting for the ambulance to arrive is, “What if the baby is hurt?”

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