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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

    There’s an explosive theory behind Leah’s Home and Away disappearance and it’s left fans in shock

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    As Leah Patterson's iconic character Home and Away mysteriously disappeared from the Bay at the end of 2019, it would be safe to say viewers were completely perplexed.
    Leah, who is played by Ada Nicodemou, is now a bit of a stalwart on the sunny shores of Summer Bay after further than 20 years on the show-so naturally her demise is a little distressing.
    Now, after weeks of being kept in the dark with barely a peep from the character (although a few weird blog posts), it's only natural for fans to come up with their own explanations as to where they have to go.

    There's a bunch of wild fan theories speculating where Home and Away's Leah has disappeared – but there's only one that has struck a chord. (Channel Seven)

    As things start to heat up and become more mysterious, the story that fans and followers have picked up and run with to shape their own theories is given specific clues.
    One idea of this kind seems to have persisted-and it all comes back to Leah's son VJ, so her granddaughter Luc.
    VJ left the Bay nearly three years ago with his legal baby daughter, but it seems the storyline might not be

    Leah's son VJ left with his legal baby daughter Luc in 2017 – but could a reappearance be on the cards? (Channel Seven)

    You know, indeed, Luc is not the daughter of VJ. Yes, she is Billie Ashford's aunt (who passed away) and Mick Jennings-who abused Billie and was estranged from Luc.
    In the months following Luc's arrival, despite being depressed, Mick is doing his hardest to see his biological daughter. Many are concerned about his volatile behavior in The Bay, and finally, he travels to WA, where his plot is seemingly ending.
    Or is it? Potentially not, according to some fans.

    The plot thickens…

    A slew of theories was thrown at social media-some wild and far-fetched, some that seem scarcely possible in fact.
    The one that's all stuck? Leah was kidnapped by Mick.
    "I think Irene's son[ Mick] is probably trying to get Billy's baby back and took Leah to get her to take him to VJ," a fan on Facebook wrote.
    Ooh, now this one is interesting!

    Fans appear to agree that that might be the case.


    Fans appear to agree that that might be the case.
    "I wonder if she was kidnapped by Luc's biological dad because he wants to understand where VJ took his family," a fan mused.
    "That's the best explanation it was about the same field speaking," another said.
    The idea might well stack up-although we just wouldn't place all our eggs in one basket yet.
    Who knows, perhaps we might even see a continuation of the storyline of Mumma Rose back in 2005-the much-loved Tash was entangled in a cult-like culture on the outskirts of Summer Bay.

    The story was one of the wilder plot lines of the series but the authors certainly went there given its rather far-fetched existence.
    That makes us think there is growing more to the death of Leah than we could ever guess.
    Stranger stuff happened. Guess we're all going to have to keep recording…


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