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The identity of Stephen Reid’s final victim on Coronation Street has been “sealed,” as Sarah Platt plots.

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Stephen Reid from Coronation Street has managed to hide his illicit activities from his family and the rest of Weatherfield, but his most recent plot might be what finally puts him in jail.

Sarah Platt from Coronation Street, played by Tina O’Brien, may be Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) final mark before leaving the show because she fell for his awful con on Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls).

The revelation that Stephen’s ex-wife Gabrielle Reid (Helene Maksoud) was posing as a business consultant for the plant was made by Sarah on Monday night’s program.

When Carla Connor (Alison King) took some time off for her mental health but was actually being drugged with LSD by Stephen, Stephen exploited the bogus firm to take over administration.

Sarah eventually figured out how he got to the top of the facility and made a call to Gabrielle.

Before learning that Stephen had accessed the equity release funds from Audrey’s residence, she made it clear that she was who she truly was and that she was aware of what had been going on behind the scenes.

Sarah was enraged and claimed Gabrielle was the mastermind behind the entire operation, accusing her of trying to steal Stephen’s money.

But when Gabrielle insisted that Stephen wasn’t innocent and had seized control of everything, lying to his family in the process, she was left perplexed and even more enraged.

Sarah only discovered what had happened after Audrey admitted that she had not organized the equity release despite receiving a statement from the corporation.

She was worried since she didn’t know that Stephen had planned the whole affair and had managed to get his hands on her money.

Without her knowledge, Stephen attempted to set up a meeting with an estate agent to see and appraise her property the previous year.

Sarah approached Stephen with the information from Gabrielle and the letter, but instead of lying, he begged his niece to keep quiet.

He assured his mother that he would return every cent, and she accepted his pledge out of concern for Audrey.

But now that both Sarah and Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) have figured out some of his tactics, the threat of his exposure is growing.

Has Sarah gone too far, making her the final person he attacks before leaving Weatherfield? Will she suffer the same fate as his other victims?

The soap’s audience shared this opinion, with @mark_65_ tweeting: “Well Sarah may be his next victim and that’s what brings Bethany back.”

@conormckenna101 I concur: “Sarah Lou darling, watch your back.”

“Sarah is going to be on the wrong side of Stephen’s hole punch soon,” wrote @Basweld1 in reference to “Corrie.”

“Have a feeling that Stephen will have to ‘get rid’ of Sarah before she goes poking around,” another person commented. (sic)

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