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Stacey Slater: Everything you need to know about EastEnders’ murderous mum!

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Even though Stacey Slater from EastEnders didn’t stab Keanu or beat Nish over the head with a bottle on Christmas Day, she and the other members of The Six are heavily involved in the drama that follows the holiday.

Like Stace doesn’t already have plenty to occupy her!

She’s the fearless, tenacious single mother who has a murderous secret, a turbulent romantic history, mental health issues, one late husband, one ex-husband, a wife, and a stalker.

Heave hooray! That’s a lot to ask of one woman.

In addition, she has to deal with her guilt over having slept with Jack as well as covering up a murder.

Hell, yeah.

What is Stacey’s story, then?

Stacey at Christmas!

Stacey was present in The Queen Vic during the startling Christmas Day events as one of The Six.

She was present when Denise used a bottle to give Nish a headshake for harassing Suki.

And she was present when Linda stopped Keanu from strangling Sharon by stabbing and killing him.

She assisted in concealing the body beneath the cafe’s floor and in covering it with concrete.

Yes, she is essentially involved in the entire situation!

Furthermore, this is not the first murder in which Stace has been implicated.

Is Stacey Slater a killer?

Christmas 2009 saw Stacey kill Archie Mitchell by striking him over the head with a Queen Victoria bust!

In a dramatic live episode commemorating EastEnders’ 25th anniversary in February 2010, she was identified as the murderer.

EastEnders: Stacey Slater’s arrival

When Stacey first moved into the Square in 2004, she was an unruly teenager!

She became close friends with Ruby Allen and caused the Slaters a great deal of trouble. After a few false starts, she also fell in love with Bradley Branning. However, Stacey struggled after Bradley made her have an abortion, and their romance was rocky.

Stacey Slater and Max Branning

Following yet another setback in Stacey and Bradley’s relationship, the two parted ways, and Stacey, seeking retribution, wooed Bradley’s father Max.

She didn’t have to work very hard, though, to catch womanizer Max’s attention!

After starting a passionate relationship, Max even considered divorcing Tanya. Max ended their relationship when Tanya revealed she was expecting, and Stacey proposed to Bradley.

However, Max’s daughter Lauren caught the kiss between her and Stacey on camera on Stacey’s wedding day. Who on Christmas Day spilled the beans!

Stacey’s mental health struggles and Archie’s death

Like her mother Jean, Stacey suffers from bipolar disorder and has had difficulties over the years. She was sexually assaulted by Archie Mitchell during one episode, and when she later discovered she was expecting, she was concerned Archie was the father.

She remarried after telling Bradley the whole truth, including the fact that she had killed Archie. She and Bradley were going to escape Walford in dramatic scenes, but while he was running from the police, who believed he was the murderer, Bradley fell to his death from the roof of the Queen Vic.

Lily, the baby, turned out to be Ryan Malloy’s.

A few years later, after giving birth to Arthur, Stacey experienced post-partum psychosis once more. Her husband Martin Fowler assisted her in overcoming this episode.

Stacey’s stalker horror

Poor Ms. Slater has been having difficulties ever since Martin and Stacey broke up. Eve Unwin is her wife, though they are more of best friends than romantic partners. She has been back to prison.

She is currently dealing with her 13-year-old daughter Lily having a baby.

Stacey was having financial difficulties and turned to working as a camera operator to supplement her income. However, that backfired spectacularly when it connected her with Freddie Slater’s former teacher, the sinister Theo Hawthorne. He terrorized Stacey by stalking her and posing as her friend.

And it was Freddie who defended Stacey and attacked his former teacher after a dramatic altercation in which Theo attempted to rape her.

Both Jack Branning and Stacey

Before Christmas, Stacey, the biggest Branning fan in Walford, was unable to resist Jack’s charms! Since Lily gave birth to little Charli, the two had become close, and when they spent the night together, their co-grandparenting took a whole new turn!

Now that everyone is aware of their hook-up, Jack and Stacey are both adamant that their night together was an isolated incident.

But are they telling the whole truth?

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