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Spoilers for Young&Restless: Adam Plans Retaliation; Sharon Explores Legal Options

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According to spoilers for The Young and the Restless, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), the father of the perpetually restless Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), was driven into a corner.

In a fantastic finale, Braeden, then a spry 82 years old, was seen venting his emotions on the punching bag. His remark about being by himself highlights how Genoa City, Wisconsin’s longest-running starring man still dominates this production after more than forty years.

Spoilers for Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless: He Is Not Like His Father

Certain characteristics of Adam’s father are present. How could he not, after migrating from his mother’s farm in Kansas, going to college, and earning his start in New York, and having spent so much time in GC?

Adam’s pace of maturation, however, is slower than that of Victor. Victor was already transforming Newman Enterprises into the global power it is now by this point in his life.

The character of Grossman clings to self-pity and believes that he can never succeed unless everything goes his way 100% of the time.

As Victor’s hand-picked director of Newman Media and the love of his life, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), recently stated, setting himself up for mental failure brings a certain kind of comfort because he is used to playing the victim.

Spoilers for Y&R: Nick Newman Acknowledges Reality

Joshua Morrow’s Nick Newman can function inside the framework Victor is suggesting. Before accepting his father’s choice, he just has to speak with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle).

The problematic relationship between Nick, Adam, and Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) was shown by Victor with accuracy.

Each member of the trio participated in squabbling that reached a boiling point at the meeting Victor called them to at the Ranch rather than creating a business strategy or even expressing their vision.

Nick can be persuaded to join Newman Media by Victoria with just the proper amount of persuasion. Nikki running that show should also bring some solace.

Since Nick’s fad ultimately placed Adam in his place, he looks inclined to stay on the organizational hierarchy.

Spoilers for The Young and the Restless: Sharon Rosales Supports Higher Business

Sharon pleaded with Victor to prevent Cameron Kirsten’s (Linden Ashby) business from turning into a trivial component of whatever Newman Media is evolving into.

Victor reminded Sharon that he had no time for sympathy when it came to business, displaying his callous side.

It remains to be seen if Sharon would be able to get assistance from Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc). Victor probably drafted a contract with no room for error.

Therefore, Sharon may have to accept the buyout Victor can give and Adam supported on Y&R or continue to be a part of the new Newman Media.

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