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Sam Frost’s adorable Christmas update sparks outpouring of love

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The former Home and Away actress posted a message reflecting on her life-changing year. 

Sam Frost, a former Home and Away actor, recently sent a sweet Christmas message in which she reflected on the year that changed her life.

The 33-year-old posted on Instagram, “It’s amazing how much can change in a year.
“I developed a lover and a child!

“This Christmas, I’m sending love to everyone.”

Jordie Hansen, a previous Survivor candidate from Australia, is Frost’s boyfriend.

The couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together in September.

There will soon be a small human, Everyone should appear shocked when he unavoidably gets his parents’ quirky sense of humor, the couple joked on Instagram.

We try to instill in our little one the same ideals we do by not taking ourselves or life too seriously.

Frost posted a cute picture of the couple posing in beautiful Christmas hats on Christmas Day.

Frost was cupping her clearly pregnant abdomen as she is currently in her third trimester.

Frost is seen carrying a “Grow A Boyfriend” toy in another image.

One follower commented, “Look at you lil’ gorgeous button, well on your way to poppin’!”

One more person exclaimed, “I love this so much.”

One admirer said, “Love seeing how happy you and Jordi are; thank you for sharing your lives with us.”

Another person said, “You’ll have a small human to run around after on Christmas day next year.

The novelist and podcaster disclosed in November that she had relocated to Noosa in Queensland with Hansen.

We believed that it would be a lovely place to raise our young son, she wrote.

But we’ll be visiting friends, relatives, and working intermittently while traveling back and forth between Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

Frost made a suggestion earlier this month that she’d like to see her Home and Away character Jasmine return to the popular Seven program.

Months before revealing her engagement and pregnancy, the actress abruptly ended her role in the series in June.

Addressing the ongoing fan theories, Frost did a Q&A session on her Instagram.

“Lots of people asking if I’m coming back, saying they miss me, you know all this positive nice stuff about Home and Away, which was really nice.”

“Look, to answer your question, never say never”.

The actress said she currently does not plan to return to the popular drama, saying her focus is on “being a mum, growing a healthy child”.

But who knows what the future holds,” she pondered.

“Perhaps Jazzy will make a comeback one day and stir up some trouble, sprint the beach a few times, and do all the fun stuff.

“I do miss the crew a lot. The staff was amazing, and it was a lot of joy working there since I laughed a lot.

So, yes, maybe one day, I guess.

In Home and Away fan Facebook pages, fans responded quickly. One fan wrote, “Hope so.”

One remarked about the on-screen romance between her character and Cash, “If it’s true, she should come back with a baby and she and Cash live happily ever after.”

“I hope she returns. One person remarked, “Loved Jasmine,” while another stated, “Missed Sam.”

From 2017 through 2022, Frost played Jasmine Delaney, and she soon won over the audience.

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