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Sam Frost shares stunning before and after of baby’s nursery

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The former Home and Away star has provided a sneak peek inside her first child’s pregnancy preparations.

Sam Frost, an actress who is expecting a child with fiancé Jordie Hansen, has provided a glance inside her home.

The former star of Home and Away and the Australian Survivor participant are going to become parents.

Frost recently shared some “before and after” pictures of their nursery with her Instagram followers.

In the before photos, a room was gloomy and crammed with various odds and ends.

The transformation displayed a room with natural elements, neutral colours, and lots of light.

Frost wrote in her caption, “We’re currently in a rental, so I discovered some polkadot stickers from Amazon that are “rental-home friendly.”

From a distance, they look fantastic, but up close, they’re already dropping off.

So, I’m not really sure how long they’ll survive.

A rattan cot, a rocking chair, an ottoman, a toy and book storage unit, a fresh chest of drawers, and Marcia Priestley artwork were all present in the room.

For his first several weeks or months, “we’ve put the bassinet in our room… but there might be a bit of trial and error,” Frost noted.

“Look at what works for baby.

Tell me what you think about having a bassinet in your room.

“Yes to having (bassinet) in the room with you, but remember that just because they are noisy and squirmy sleepers doesn’t (always) mean they are awake… I wish I had known that sooner,” one fan said.

Another person added, “We used the bassinet in our room for the first six months as Red Nose recommends,”

“You folks will find what works for you,” I said.

“Oh, well! Frost retorted, “I like the notion of having him so close.

I’ll probably just stare at him when he sleeps the first week to make sure he’s breathing and to enjoy how adorable he is.

Another person said, “I agree with the bassinet in your room, will help with night feeding.”

One follower questioned the location of the change table.

Frost replied, adding a frown and a face-palm emoji, “We literally entirely forgot about a change table.

I was thinking, “Yep, we have everything,” as I looked about.

“I considered purchasing a change pad for the drawers, but my sister warned me against doing so since they can roll out of control.

I’ll need to come up with a plan B, then.

Others praised the transformation of the nursery.

“Looks incredible!” a follower wrote.

Another person said, “Looks super-cute.”

Another said it was “beautiful and really soothing.”

Frost recently stated that getting her daughter immunised would be a “no-brainer,” despite the fact that she had received harsh criticism in 2021 for discussing her vaccination hesitation.

She told Stellar magazine, “I’ve received my whooping cough vaccine and of course I’m going to vaccinate my child.

“To me, it’s a no-brainer. Because the COVID vaccine was so new, I had some reservations.

Frost and Hansen announced their pregnancy in September 2022 after becoming engaged in July 2022.

The duo, who are based in Noosa, Queensland, are the hosts of the well-liked podcast Jordie and Sam’s Rural Roadtrip.

The couple also recently disclosed that they were entering the fashion industry by purchasing Jordie’s mother’s clothing line, Flo State Apparel.

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