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Ryan Prescott of Coronation Street claims he is “heartbroken” with Daisy’s sad news.

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After being attacked with acid in Coronation Street, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has continued to spiral out of control.

He recently returned from Ireland and announced his intention to launch a social media fitness account.

Ryan was upfront about this, but he neglected to inform Carla (Alison King) and Peter (Chris Gascoyne) that he had also been taking steroids, which affected the way he looked.

As a result of the acid attack, which left him permanently scarred, Ryan is having trouble with his self-image.

Ryan is currently going through a roller coaster of emotions and needs all the help he can get, yet he frequently pushes people away, notably Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), the person Justin planned to throw acid at.

Daisy made the decision to catfish Ryan as she was torn between her guilt and her desire to give him the impression that he was in a real relationship with Crystal.

Ryan had a good distraction from the matter, but when he found out what Daisy had been up to, it devastated him.

Naturally, Ryan and Daisy had unintentionally developed an extremely close bond because they had been talking for months. They ended up kissing, but after Daisy learned the truth, Ryan argued that he couldn’t be friends with

Due to the passage of time, their relationship has evolved, and in subsequent episodes, they even decide to get together for drinks.

Ryan’s feelings, however, abruptly shift when he learns that Daisy and Daniel (Rob Mallard) intend to live together, as Ryan Prescott explained:

He no longer has Daisy, Peter and Carla don’t really want him residing with them due to recent behavior, and his mother isn’t present. Evidently, his mother doesn’t pay him a visit or anything of the sort. There are very few individuals in his life with whom he genuinely has a relationship because his relationship with Alya kind of fizzled out to nothing much at all.

“He’s just so alone,” he remarked.

He spends a great deal of time by himself, on his phone, and computer, as well as avoiding social interactions. I believe that he is becoming more and more deluded as he enters his denial stage. He continues to try to reach out and maintain his relationships because the more lonely he feels. He is acutely aware of the fact that he is aware of Daisy’s engagement.

Although he and Daisy are probably never going to live together, Daniel finds it difficult to hear about Daisy and Daisy’s relationship. There is an unseen relationship formed when you share a horrific experience with someone, which causes him to have mixed feelings.

Ryan returns to the apartment after deciding against meeting Daisy and makes the choice to register for an account on O-Vidz, a website that is comparable to OnlyFans.

Ryan said, “You see him talking to this girl he knows about how to keep your fans interested in what you’re doing, how to keep building your fan base, and how to make more money.”

“You have to go beyond these typical fitness shots and start with more sexual images, incentive pictures, and the more people who enter that world hooked by those pictures the broader your audience becomes, and with the broader your audience, they ask for different things,” she said.

He immediately realized that by not providing more when they requested more intimate things, he was losing subscribers and followers. So that kind of encouraged him to take more daring images, and to be honest, a week after posting the pictures as an incentive, he was having a one-on-one live session.

They begin requesting videos, which is somewhat out of his comfort zone. However, it will probably take a week between sending him images and having a live, interactive session with just you. He is rapidly engulfed by it, and as the money starts flowing in, he becomes addicted.

‘I guess he can’t envision a reality moving forward at this moment,’ Ryan groaned. I believe the issue is that he is unable to recognize what that is. He can’t identify who he is supposed to be inside his community, himself within his family, or society at large, which is why he has allowed himself to become so lost in the fitness and lost in the gratification of strangers’ compliments. That is something he no longer really sees for himself.

That kind of leads towards the realization that he can no longer recognize himself. So he’s looking for it,” he continued.

I believe he is looking for it in the likes and remarks of total strangers. As long as no one can see him, it also enables him to maintain that distance from what he is doing. He’s looking for a new truth for himself, and that’s one thing that’s always stuck with me.

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