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Pregnant Sam Frost undergoes scan after ‘late night hospital visit’

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The former Home and Away star shared a raw post as she hit the 35-week mark of her pregnancy.

Sam Frost, an actress, has spoken about her “stressful” late-night hospital visit as she approaches the 35th week of her pregnancy.

The former Home and Away star, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Jordie Hansen, shared an update on Monday, writing that the previous week had been “all about the little one.”

“I ended up just booking care myself at a private practice,” the celebrity added. “Kicked off the week meeting a fantastic psychologist.”

Frost has previously been open about how difficult it was for her to get the mental health care she needed while pregnant through the Queensland hospital system, which made her feel “desperately alone.”

We had a late-night hospital visit on Tuesday, which was really stressful for us. But everything is OK. The 33-year-old continued, “Happy & well.

“Since my bump is on the smaller size, we underwent a growth and well-being scan today… I’m delighted to inform that he is developing as expected.

She added, “I also learned that ice packs are great for back pain.

Frost uploaded a side-profile selfie showcasing her growing baby bulge along with the update.

Along with being open about the highs and lows of her pregnancy, the actress has entertained her followers by sharing the truths of being pregnant.

On Sunday, Frost uploaded a video collection of a few of these realities to Instagram.

Here’s a small dose of reality, she wrote in the title of the video, “Don’t be fooled by glossy photographs of flawless women, grinning in the sunset, embracing their baby bumps in magical flowing robes.

When Frost sneezed, she hurriedly crossed her legs and brushed her teeth before feeling the urge to throw up.

She “nailed it,” according to admirers and well-known pals who complimented the video.

“Funny cos it’s true! 😂😂😂,” Frost’s former radio co-host Rove McManus said.

“Pregnancy is not easy or glamorous!!! But it’s a beautiful journey even with all the vomiting, sleeping problems and pains,” parenting and fitness star Felicity Henry wrote.

“You’re doing an amazing job 🥰 Not long to go xx.”

Meanwhile, fitness trainer Brooke Jowett joked: “Can relate and not even pregnant”.

“So true!!! I remember this very well. The reflux. Ahhhh the reflux,” one follower wrote.

“This is EXACTLY how I feel, I’m pregnant with my first and I’ve had every symptom possible 😩 6 weeks to go and I’m counting!!” another added.

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