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Nigel Harman, a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, makes an unpleasant statement regarding EastEnders.

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The competitors are getting ready for the glamorous BBC competition as the countdown to this year’s Strictly Come Dancing has officially begun.

Despite having played the beloved heartthrob Dennis Rickman in the past, Nigel Harman has said he doesn’t watch EastEnders.

Soon-to-be Nigel, a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, rose to fame for his portrayal of Dennis in the BBC soap opera from 2003 to 2005.

Even though the well-known character passed away years ago, his wife Sharon Watts (played by Letitia Dean) is still a part of the soap opera.

In a recent interview, Nigel claimed he was “too busy” to watch the soap opera yet appeared clueless of what was happening.

Last year, Ruth Langsford discussed Nigel’s EastEnders role on Loose Women.

Ruth remarked: “The storyline was shocking at the time wasn’t it with you and Sharon?” as a clip of Nigel’s final scene as Dennis played.

“I think so, yeah,” Nigel said. She was my adoptive sister, so legally it was OK and we were married and all that. I assume they worked it out, but I honestly don’t recall.

And I wonder—did we have a baby there? Was she there expecting?

Why would we know if you don’t know, you ask? Nolan made light of it.

Ruth said, “Well, she gave birth to baby Dennis after you left.

“Baby Dennis,” Nigel retorted. Yes, I am aware of it. And apparently I was just informed that I have a grandson by someone.

Ruth continued, “So baby Dennis sadly also died,” as a perplexed Nigel retorted, “Oh – what?”

“Just updating you on this,” she said. But Sharon later found out that he had fathered a boy, Ruth said while laughing.

“She found out this after his passing, therefore there’s a grandson. I’m not sure if he goes by Dennis, but nevertheless.

“You obviously don’t watch it anymore,” the host said.

He’s too busy, and aren’t you too, too? Nigel said, “Too busy, yes,” in response to Coleen’s offer.

Nigel is one of the well-known participants in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, which will be back on television in a month.

He said that he was “terrified” to be a part of the popular series.

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