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Next week’s spoilers for Coronation Street: First glimpse of Liam’s suicide plans

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Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal Liam experiences so much agony that he believes there is only one way out. Maria finds out what’s going on while he searches for ways to commit suicide. Can she find him in time, along with Gary?

Billy is experiencing more pain elsewhere and is using a lot of medication to try to relieve it. Is it because of the painkillers that he acts strangely on Valentine’s Day, lashing out at Paul’s old friend?

In addition, Nick is shocked by Leanne’s proposal; will he accept?

The Coronation Street spoilers for next week include all of this and more.

Liam’s torment deepens

When Liam goes back to school, Mason still makes fun of him. Mason gets more material when he discovers Liam working on his marionette.

Mason snatches it from him and destroys it completely. Liam begins to cry because he is upset. But Dylan doesn’t console him; instead, he shows Mason who he is by recording Liam crying.

Then Liam informs Maria that he will no longer be attending school. Maria speaks with Mrs. Crawshaw, but she informs her that until she has evidence that Liam is being bullied, there is nothing she can do.

Liam’s search history devastates Maria

Eileen suggests that Maria check Liam’s social media accounts, so she creates a phony account and follows him. She then realizes how bad things have gotten for her son as she reads through the comments on his account.

Liam is informed by Maria and Gary that he needs to transfer schools, but he believes there is another way and starts looking for ways to end his life. Later, Liam calls Maria at the salon to tell her that he loves her and that she is a good mother.

When the school learns what Liam has been looking up on his laptop, they notify Maria and Gary. Recalling Liam’s previous remarks, Maria frantically returns to the apartment in search of her son. Is she going to reach him in time?

Billy loses it

Despite his back pain, Billy is determined to make Paul’s Valentine’s Day extra special. Billy takes Paul out for a sidecar and motorcycle ride, but it’s obvious that the pain is becoming too much for him. After taking some painkillers, he leads Paul to the bistro.

Paul’s old school friend is there, acting raucously on a stag do. Benno rushes over when Billy surprises Paul with a barbershop quartet.

Billy gets upset when Benno tries to make Paul dance. Benno is flung skyward by his punch. Do the painkillers have an effect on Billy’s behavior? Is he relapsing into an addiction?

Leanne proposes in Coronation Street spoilers

Nick and Leanne can’t agree on how to handle the situation or Simon’s actions. Nick disagrees with Leanne’s optimism that things will improve when Simon allows her to reoccupy the space after Si accepts responsibility for his actions. Then Toyah revealed to Leanne that Nick intended to pop the question. So she asks him herself, getting down on one knee!

Nick is shocked beyond belief. But will he really accept, given that he’s obviously doubting their future?

Nick is encouraged to tell Leanne the truth about his worries about their relationship after confiding in David. Will he, however, genuinely acknowledge his true feelings?

Bobby finds out the truth

Bobby approaches Carla about Tina, the girl Rob killed, seeking clarification regarding his father. Bobby quickly discovers that Rob killed Tina out of cold blood rather than in self-defense as he had claimed. Is Bobby able to get past this?

Bobby tries to woo Lauren

Lauren is depressed about her test. She informs Bobby that she is unable to revise because every set text she requires is checked out from the library. Bobby has a suggestion on how to assist and win Lauren over.

Bobby gives Lauren a little bouquet of flowers after obtaining the books via Evelyn and the charity shop. But then a delivery man shows up with a fancy-looking bouquet, and Bobby feels ashamed of his less extravagant gesture.

Lauren is appreciative of Bobby’s bouquet. She tells the caller to leave her alone when her phone rings. She tries to explain to them that she doesn’t need their money, despite receiving a final demand from her energy provider. Bobby is thrilled when Lauren accepts to go on a date, but it’s obvious she’s keeping something from him.

Amy catches Tracy and Tommy

Tommy informs Tracy they are definitely done at the flower shop. Tracy acts as though she doesn’t give a damn, but it’s clear that she doesn’t.

But as they are having a disagreement, Amy enters and listens in. She makes a demand to know the situation. To be honest, how much has she heard? Tommy and Tracy been exposed?

Daisy and Bethany can’t be friends

In an attempt to make amends with Daniel, Bethany says she will talk to Daisy about the article. In an attempt to put their differences behind them, she persuades Daisy to grab coffee with her. But before long, things spiral out of control. Can Bethany persuade Daisy that she’s sorry?

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