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New Neighbours Spoilers and Photos released for late April

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The latest set of spoilers and images for Neighbours’ upcoming storylines, which include Karl’s humiliation, Haz’s mistrust, Susan’s return, and the Varga-Murphys’ battle, have been revealed. The storylines are set to air in late April.

In Erinsborough, the past several weeks have been exciting, and there will be more dramatic weeks ahead.

JJ (Riley Bryant) is going to find out that Felix (James Beaufort) intends to work with JJ’s bitter rival Slade (Charlie Di Stefano) to steal building supplies from the Eirene Rising complex.

However, it appears like JJ is going to intervene and assist with the heist—a choice that could have “catastrophic consequences.” Images from the programme show Felix being brought to the Erinsborough Police Station by a uniformed officer, while JJ is seen reacting in disbelief to what has just happened.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Mums Cara (Sara West) and Remi (Naomi Rukavina) are spotted with JJ at the crime scene, and Remi drags her son down to the police station. It appears that JJ doesn’t get away with it either.

By the end of April, spoilers indicate that as JJ meets with school principal Jane (Annie Jones), “Cara and Remi fight for their son.” JJ is still working to repair his reputation.

In the No. 30 living room, JJ is also shown talking things over with Cara with Andrew (Lloyd Will), implying that the most recent event hasn’t torn the Varga-Murphys and Rodwells apart.

Though the disturbed kid “exhausts his options,” it appears that JJ won’t be leaving Felix behind him, as pictures show him meeting up with Felix’s girlfriend Jools (Eva Seymore) on a seat at the Lassiters pagoda.

In pictures from the same episode, Dex (Marley Williams) is seen observing and doesn’t appear to be impressed. Will he find out that his brother is spending time with Felix’s girlfriend, and is there a growing distance between the two closest brothers?

In the episode that premieres on Tuesday, April 23, the Varga-Murphys are scheduled to go camping in the bush, most likely as a means of reuniting after a turbulent few weeks.

Yet things don’t go well, with previews for that day tell us that “Dex reaches breaking point”, hinting that his brother’s terrible decisions are hitting him more than he’s letting on.

Pictures from the episode show JJ staring into an empty tent before arriving to inform Cara and Remi that his sibling is missing, and Dex looking miserable during the journey.

Has Dex fled?

Fortunately, it appears that he hasn’t travelled too far, since “Dex’s silent frustrations find a voice” on Wednesday, April 24.

Will the gap between him and his brother be filled by his honesty?

The story takes a significant turn in late April when Terese organises a photo shoot to promote the retirement complex in an attempt to offset any negative publicity from Felix’s botched heist. Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) approached Karl (Alan Fletcher) about being the on-site general practitioner for her new Eirene Rising development.

Amazon Freevee / Jane Zhang

Karl receives his fifteen minutes of fame during the shoot when his likeness appears on a big billboard that is located directly across from the tram and promotes him as the complex’s “Resident doctor and wellness expert.”

When Ramsay Street locals assemble to take pictures of Karl in front of his poster, Karl is ecstatic, but his joy is short-lived.

The next week, “Karl struggles with a public humiliation,” and judging from the appearance of things, his billboard would soon be vandalised.

The fact that “A persistent rumour follows Karl like a bad smell” is revealed in a subsequent spoiler for Thursday, April 25, suggests that this is most likely connected to Karl’s upcoming “code brown,” in which he gets into an extremely embarrassing predicament soon after starting a health kick.

Has anyone learned about his “code brown” and how will it impact the standing of the newest “wellness expert” in Erinsborough?

Fortunately, Karl has Susan as a support system; yet, given an incident involving a durian fruit in 2017, Susan might believe that Karl has finally received his comeuppance. after seven years.

In April, Jackie Woodburne’s character Susan returns from her much-anticipated trip back to Sydney. Not long after Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Elly (Jodi Gordon) were married, she travelled there to take care of Chloe’s daughter Aster while the newlyweds went on their honeymoon, but she stayed in the city of New South Wales to finish her degree.

She hides something when she goes back to Erinsborough. She “made a tempting offer” on Wednesday, April 24. However, teasers for the next day reveal that she “struggles with a secret.”

Susan was having difficulty figuring out who she was when Neighbours came back in September. She had retired early from her position as principal of Erinsborough High School. Will Susan begin a new chapter in her life as a result of her alluring offer?

In the coming weeks, Krista Sinclair’s (Majela Davis) life will see some intriguing developments.

Krista’s life has been going well lately; her relationship with Leo (Tim Kano) is thriving, and Paul has been praising her despite Chelsea’s (Viva Bianca) best efforts to discredit her.

However, in a spiteful move this week, Chelsea traps Krista in the Lassiters sauna, giving her the opportunity to sneak in and deliver a presentation that Paul (Stefan Dennis) had prepared for Krista to the Lassiters worldwide directors.

Despite this, Krista appears cheerful when she leaves the hospital. Her “resolve is challenged when she comes face-to-face with an old friend” on Thursday, April 11th, though.

The fresh teasers and images from late April tell us that “Krista closes in on the truth” on Monday, April 15, before falling “into a trap” in the episode airing on Tuesday, April 16. However, Neighbours producers are keeping that friend under wraps for a little while longer.

The following Monday, April 22, Krista finds an unexpected ally in Aaron (Matt Wilson).

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Pictures from the rural Victoria resort, which was previously owned by Aaron, David (Takaya Honda), and Nicolette (Hannah Monson), feature the couple taking a getaway.

When Aaron thought Krista was to blame for David’s death, they had a brief falling out, but after learning that Paul was genuinely to blame, Aaron and Krista have reconciled.

Now that their vacation is almost finished, the couple’s romance seems certain to last, but Aaron finds a packet of white pills, shattering everything.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Has Krista reverted to her previous behaviours, and will Aaron assume David’s role as her sober supporter to guide her through this? Or will the unsteady duo encourage each other’s worst tendencies as they “toe a dangerous line”?

Thanks to the unexpected start of a new narrative in last week’s episode, Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) appears to be getting closer to learning the truth about her boyfriend Haz (Shiv Palekar).

Upon entering Harold’s last week, Haz and Mackenzie discovered the place had been looted. Haz was devastated to find that the coffee shop had been broken into and destroyed by someone. However, a few hours later, as Haz was by himself on No. 32’s sofa, he received a menacing video of himself destroying his cherished café!

Mackenzie quickly found out that Haz’s full insurance coverage would pay for the losses and then some, which begs the question of whether he did it to obtain further funds.

But the enigma deepened when Haz referenced a brother who had gone unnamed and whom many had described as “exactly like him.” Could an evil twin really be at fault?

Over the next few weeks, Mackenzie starts to suspect that Haz is hiding something. She attempts to get security cameras installed in Harold’s, but she is shocked when Haz responds furiously to her proposal.

Byron doesn’t seem to care about her worries, but neither of them realises that Haz has bugged their phones and is recording their conversations!

When Mackenzie “confronts her suspicions” on Wednesday, April 10, she finds herself in an awkward situation where she must pose some challenging questions to her partner.

“Mackenzie digs into the past” on Wednesday, April 17, but will she be pleased with what she discovers?

The next week, Mackenzie gets closer to the truth in scenes where she meets up with an unidentified man named Zach (Stephen Phillips). The day after, “Haz races against the clock as his deadline approaches.”

What will Mackenzie find, and what’s in the brown bag Zach offers her, as they talk on a park seat and outside the tram?

Haz will be “forced to consider the unthinkable” at the end of the month as he “confronts a cruel ultimatum” shortly after.

Who is threatening Haz, and what exactly is going on?

In other scenes, others question Paul’s magnanimity, while Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) tries to move on after her passionate night with Toadie (Ryan Moloney), which didn’t end up bringing the ex-husband and wife back together.

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