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Neighbours Stefan Dennis feels “numb” at the show’s cancellation and “open to any job” when it ends.

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The cast of Neighbours is preparing for the end of the venerable soap opera while debating their future plans.

Australian soap opera Neighbours was cancelled this year after 37 years on the air, shocking fans all around the world.

On Monday, August 1, the final episode will air. While it is a sad occasion, there have been some incredibly exciting surprises promised for the finale.

It’s ironic that the show is enjoying a significant ratings increase now that production on the project has wrapped up, given the return of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, and the almost as renowned Harold Bishop to support a mourning Mackenzie.

Janet Street-Porter, a panelist on Loose Women who appeared in a cameo on the show in 2019, traveled all the way to Melbourne to meet with the Neighbours cast before the show’s final episode.

The actor who portrays Paul, Stefan Dennis, was grilled by Janet in a series of interviews that were shown on Tuesday’s broadcast of the ITV panel show.

Since the very first episode of the show, Stefan has been a recurring character, and he acknowledged that he still feels “numb” about everything.

I’m currently going through the numb time, he admitted. I currently have my head somewhat buried in the sand.

Stefan responded that he would “semi-retire” when asked what he plans to do after the program ends.

I’m leaving myself open to any jobs that may arise, he added, grinning knowingly and staring directly into the camera.

Stefan’s brief musical career was brought up by Janet (his song Don’t It Make You Feel Good peaked at number 16 in the UK charts in 1989), but the actor didn’t appear prepared to return to pop.

He jokingly said, “If I were to release a record right now, it would be me lounging by the fire in my pajamas.”

The actor also mentioned Scott and Charlene’s eagerly anticipated comeback and said they had already shot their sequences, adding that “it was absolutely great.”

“It was fantastic having all the renowned characters together in one sequence.” Despite the fact that we hadn’t seen one other in a while, there was absolutely no discomfort and we had a great time filming. It was extremely wonderful.

When asked if Scott and Charlene were still married, Stefan didn’t want to leave the audience in suspense and replied quickly, “Yes, of course they are!”

However, he wasn’t really giving everything away because when asked what occurs in the last episode, he just answered, “You’ll find out.”

Jason Herbison, the executive producer of Neighbours, stated in another interview that although they were’sad to see it go,’ they were ‘finishing on a high.

He told viewers that there would be a “really warm return” for Scott and Charlene and claimed that the way to end the show was “obvious” to him.
“They really enjoyed it, it was fun for them to be back on the street, and I hope the viewers will too,” the commenter said.

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