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Sunday, December 4, 2022

    Neighbours Spoilers:Dipi makes a silly mistake?

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    Things are moving fast in the neighbours, so luckily, we’ve got you covered with our helpful guide to what’s happening next in Erinsborough.

    Spoilers That You Guys Need to know.
    Monday 10th February – Friday 14th February

    Finn Kelly’s past is finally revealed

    Finn had a bit of a messy experience on the Neighbours when he went from bad to decent to bad too, well, right again. Although he seems to get his life back on track, there’s a vast drama coming that could change everything. It all begins as Finn reveals his dad’s history, Trent’s, the background. He admits that his father was a good man, but their relationship turned sour when the devil invaded Trent’s life. Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) knows how frustrated Finn is about what happened, and decides the best course of action is to ask Trent to a chat. While the initial conversation is going on, Bea and Elly find something that has the power to destroy Finn. The pair faced a difficult decision–are they going to tell Finn what they know? Or do you keep him in peace? After some agree, they tell Finn what they know, but it only creates heartache for a former teacher who is completely devastated by what they learn. Elly maintains that she wants to keep her distance, but finds it hard when her ex is so busy. Will the trio be in a position to work through their problems?

    Superbrain, Jane returns!

    Jane Harris (Annie Jones) returns to Erinsborough on the first of the 35th anniversary. Paul and Teresa are surprised by their circumstances when they see her, and while the former is pleased, the latter is suspicious. Nonetheless, both of their interests are piqued when they learn that she’s not exactly perfect–there’s something that isn’t bubbly about her.

    Jane and Teresa are off for a snack, and the hotel manager is trying to get to the bottom of it. Jane is keen to ensure that there’s nothing to think about, but why is she coming back?
    Later in the week, Jane’s mood is getting worse, losing her coolness while swearing at Chloe. Dipi then uses her excellent friendship with Jane and puts her under pressure for information. But who is Richard, Jane’s online mate, and why is he a cause for concern? Dipi does some digging, and he doesn’t know who he thinks he’s. 

    Ned and Yashvi come to blows.

    Olivia Junkeer plays Yashvi Rebecchi[/caption] 
    The adorable couple has been through a lot, but it seems they’ve got so much more to go, and in the coming week, Ned and Yashvi are going head-to-head. Despite the gun incident at the Zenin Buddy Club, Kyle is willing to team up with Ned to put an end to this suspect.
    Ned is not particularly pleased when he learns that Toadie’s office has been broken in and put two and two together; he’s finding out that it must be Zenin. He’s trying to get in touch with Kyle, and the couple’s plotting vengeance. In the meantime, Yashvi is busy celebrating her good news and utterly unaware of Ned’s dangerous game. Is he going to be successful?
    Later on, Yashvi was alive; she didn’t know about the danger that Ned and Kyle were possibly in–mainly when weapons were involved. The police are doing their part, but it’s not clear if Zenin will be prosecuted for his crimes. Yashvi wants to trust the police, but her husband doesn’t have the same confidence. Will they come together and overcome this last hurdle?

    Dipi makes a silly mistake?

    Dipi has been staying with the Cannings since she split up with Shane, but she seems to have a soft spot for Gary. But in Karl, Shane has a friend who finds something he’s not happy about i. Karl runs straight to his friend to tell him what he saw, but Shane is devastated by the story and knows that he really can’t hear from him. Yet Karl enjoys the action too much, and he’s going to say something mind-blowing to him. Is this the culmination of the marriage of Shane and Dipi for good?

    Elsewhere in Erinsborough

    Chloe is eager to promote himself as the president of Lassiters and wants to set up a show to make the hotel attractive to people about to tie the knot. She’s trying to get the highlight for the day, and she’s doing her hardest to get the actual dress worn by Princess Mary of Denmark at her wedding. With Paul not pleased with her proposal, will she prove him wrong?

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