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Neighbours Spoilers: Dee Bliss returns as Toadie Rebecchi bids farewell to Ramsay Street

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NEIGHBOURS favourite Dee Bliss has been absent from the drama on the Channel 5 soap for two years but a new theory suggests she might have a part to play in the show’s finale, airing next month.

In 2019, Dee (played by Madeleine West) returned to Neighbours after a long absence of more than 16 years, which was much-anticipated. She briefly attempted to restart her romance with Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Maloney), who was now unmarried after the passing of his wife, Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey). Sadly, their past interactions didn’t end well; nevertheless, as Channel 5 draws to a close, writers might reconcile the couple for one more time.

The infamous character could make her way back to Ramsay Street as Toadie and Melanie decide they need to make a fresh start.

Melanie has been depicted as having difficulty dealing with the memory of her partner’s late wife, Sonya, in this week’s episodes of the daily serial drama.

She was hesitant to discuss it with her partner at first, but she ultimately did and said she felt she couldn’t live up to the demands placed on her during Sonya’s absence.

Toadie concurred that while though Sonya will always play a significant role in his life and the lives of the kids, the family could start to move on.
This includes hanging less images of Sonya about the house, but Toadie may not feel that this was enough because he understands that having reminders of his late wife everywhere will prevent him from ever moving on.

With only a few weeks until the feature-length finale, Toadie might decide to sell everything and relocate his family to Sydney.

This is where Shane Rebecchi, played by Nicholas Coghlan, and Dipi Rebecchi, played by Sharon Johal, reside with their kids.

Although Melanie could consent to the move, she would feel some guilt because she would be removing the kids from the home where their mother raised them.

Dee’s potential comeback could result from Melanie growing distant from her boyfriend as she struggles to understand what’s happening.

Toadie may get in touch with Dee and ask whether she would be willing to speak to his present girlfriend after living under Sonya’s shadow in the past.

Dee might concur and see Melanie upon her return to Ramsay Street if she wanted Toadie to have the best future possible.

Dee could explain that she had felt bad because she thought she was taking the place of Sonya in the kids’ life, but she realized this would never happen.

She would explain to Melanie that even though Sonya resided here with her family, she will always be in their hearts, much like when someone moves away.

Dee would advise Toadie to stretch his wings and leave his past behind because he had also lived in one spot for a very long time.

Both characters might be moved by Dee’s words of wisdom and decide that this is the right choice for them to make.

The weekday serial drama’s final full-length episode showed Toadie and Melanie loading their car and saying goodbye to Ramsay Street.

If the show were ever to be restored, this would allow some new characters to move into the Rebecchi home, cementing Erinsborough’s future.

Madeleine, the actress who played Dee, has already talked openly about maybe returning to the program in the future.

Playing both Dee and her twin sister Andrea Somers, who was also portrayed by the same actress, could be one of the return’s potential roles.

Maddie stated: “I’ve already expressed my desire to do so. The most challenging thing I’ve ever done was to simultaneously play these two characters.”

“With Neighbours, it’s very easy to call it a soap,” the actress continued in an interview with Digital Spy.

“But when a show has such a large cast and is airing as frequently as it is – and has been airing for 35 years – it has no choice but to really capture the zeitgeist and be exceptionally topical.

We are aware that Dee and Toadie share a fondness for one another. Their tale centers on how they met “She clarified, but would she be the cause of his departure from Ramsay Street?

Before the show’s conclusion next month, a whopping 20 or more characters will be making their way back to the soap opera.

Though Madeleine’s name has not been brought up, is it possible that she may make an unexpected return in the last few episodes?

The show’s followers have been discussing Dee’s comeback and sharing their memories of her on Twitter.

Ben said: “The returning cast for the #Neighbours finale is incredible! Any possibility of Mads returning as Dee?


Grianne shared the following on social media: “#Neighbours Dee Bliss must unquestionably return for the finale as well.”

The band Let’s All Have A Disco said: “So, Scott and Charlene are returning. What about Dee, though? #Neighbours.”

Alex revealed: “I appreciate everything. Going back to Dee/Andrea, the last three years have been fantastic—the best the show has ever been. We will sincerely miss you. #Neighbours.”

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