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Neighbours’ Melanie and Holly’s histories intertwine in Flashback Week

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As Flashback Week continues on Neighbours, Melanie and Holly’s pasts collide today as the people living on Ramsay Street discover the truth about what’s actually transpired over the last two years.

This week on Neighbours, the return of Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) has left shockwaves across the lives of those closest to her till a year ago. It’s one bombshell after another.

After Melanie reappeared last Thursday, Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) set out to find her former stepmother. With nowhere else to turn, Melanie felt it was time to tell the truth about what really happened before she left Toadie (Ryan Moloney)… and the tale goes deeper than anyone could have imagined!

Melanie took the stage at No. 22 in Monday’s episode, telling Toadie, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) that they had to travel back in time two years, to the day before Melanie and Toadie were married, in order to find out the truth.

Melanie made a spectacular entrance fit for the event, stating that although she was thrilled to be married Toadie, the previous evening she had been met at No. 30’s front door by an enigmatic stranger.

In case you forgot, Melanie left for the UK after her marriage to Joe Mangel (Mark Little) failed. She eventually found herself working for a family with a tearful teenage daughter under the name Melanie Mangel.

The daughter in issue was found doing drugs after she joined the wrong crowd. Melanie took the fall for the drugs because she wanted to do the right thing by the adolescent, and since her face was on all the CCTV tape, there was no doubt that if the police had discovered it, they would have charged her.

Thankfully, her passport still bore her maiden name, Pearson, so she was allowed to leave the nation and live a low-key life. Years later, though, Melanie was located in Erinsborough by the misbehaving teenager, who was now a financially strapped adult.

The concerned adult?

Majella Davis, Krista Sinclair!

Yes, Melanie’s departure from Toadie was partly due to the mysterious person who approached her for money—the sibling that Reece (Mischa Barton) had been assigned to travel to Australia to find. One problem exists, though: nobody at No. 22 who is listening to the revelations is aware of Krista’s identity!

Susan, Toadie, and Terese are shocked by Melanie’s further admission that she took money from the Drinks Divas truck in order to pay Krista. Meanwhile, Reece and Byron (Xavier Molyneaux), who are six hours away, have located a motel that Krista formerly stayed at while visiting Australia.

In the absence of any leads, the two discover a photo-covered corkboard. A picture of Krista is conveniently concealed beneath a number of pictures, and when they manage to get a peek, they are taken aback by what they discover.

Reece exclaims, “Oh my God,” as the two gaze at a picture of Krista. alongside Eden (Costa d’Angelo) and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall)!

It’s time for Holly to provide her side of the story now that more people are being drawn into the narrative.

The already astonished residents of No. 22 are informed by Holly in today’s episode (Tuesday, November 14) that she and Eden came on Ramsay Street on the day of Melanie and Toadie’s wedding.

Susan is shocked because she assumed Holly had returned recently. However, Holly found it hard to avoid her mother Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) after learning that her brother Malcolm (Benji McNair) was having an affair.

She was upset, though, and went to Harold’s with Eden after witnessing Izzy kissing Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), where they first encountered Krista.

The three of them got along well, and because Krista would be joining them with some more cash, they made the decision to go on a backpacking trip across Australia.

Holly was discovered by Mal before they could leave, and she begged him not to tell anyone that she was in Erinsborough. Mal handed his younger sister some cash out of respect for her privacy. This just increased the trio’s wealth as they left on a little vacation. Reece and Byron are on their way back from the Robinvale Hotel, one of their visits, equipped with the new knowledge.

As things get more intense, Holly and Melanie are left alone when Toadie, Susan, and Terese leave.

Melanie instantly realises she needs to talk to someone, so she goes straight to the landline at number 22 and calls. She had already begun to divulge the real story of what transpired two years prior. Now is the moment for them to arrive.

Who are they?

Somewhere in rural Victoria, a young child plays by herself while the child’s three parents gather around a table to discuss their options for the future.

It’s Aaron (Matt Wilson), Nicolette (Hannah Monson), and David (Takaya Honda).

What role do these three play in the story that is being told? All will be revealed in tomorrow’s programme.

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