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My nightmare neighbours complained 13 times in 3 days about my toddler & it’s not even when she cries in the night

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A mother expressed her annoyance when her new neighbours repeatedly voiced complaints about her toddler’s “noisy” footsteps and “too loud” music for three days.

Before the young couple who now reside underneath her moved in three weeks ago, Haley Becker, who has lived in the apartment complex for four years, said she had never heard a single complaint.

She describes how the new neighbours approached her one day while they were out doing things as a family in a video that she posted to TikTok (@itshaleybecker).

They basically said, ‘well, so we’re new, we tried to come up,’” Haley remembers. A few days ago, we moved in.

“It is extremely loud and noisy. It seems like there are a lot of footsteps.”

Although her husband was very courteous and clarified that they had a kid, Haley observes that it didn’t stop them from complaining constantly about “a lot of noise.”

The soon-to-be mother of two states: “It seemed like they went on forever.

They didn’t seem to be understanding that we have a toddler that walks and plays since that’s just the way things are.

“And if you have a toddler, you know, they’re loud, and that’s okay.”

Hayley describes how the young couple departed, but that day she got a call from her husband informing her that they would just pop up again.

They had, however, complained this time about the music being “too loud.”

“Instead of asking my husband to turn it down, he said, ‘you need to turn your music down,’” Haley recounts.

“He said that he was working downstairs on a really important Zoom meeting and had paused the Zoom meeting to come up here and tell us that the music was too loud.”

Haley also notes that none of these incidents have happened in the wee hours of the morning; rather, they have all happened during the day.

The next day, he received a call from the front office informing him that the young couple had formally filed a noise complaint, even though he had explained that her husband had decided to decline it.

Haley called the front office to explain the matter, as she was becoming frustrated.

She explains, “I just said, ‘We have a toddler.’”

“I can’t regulate how often she plays or moves around, and I won’t do that unless I put her in a straight jacket.

“‘I’m not gonna prevent my child from exploring and walking around the apartment and living – it’s just not happening.’”

She goes on: “I told her, the music we can control, we can control our footsteps, we can try and control our dog, but our dog so lazy anyway.”

Haley provided an update at the conclusion of the video, writing, “We just received a notification today stating that they have called to complain thirteen times in the last three days.

“Borderline harassment now.”

The post quickly gained massive popularity on social media, garnering 466k views and hundreds of comments from people.

“Our neighbour voiced concerns about our drawers shutting.” We can hear you snore, I added. One person wrote, “We’re not asking you to stop breathing.”

Another wrote: “There is nothing that will satisfy people who begin whining the moment they move in. Such tenants have existed for us. We had to call it quits.

“People who share walls/floors expect ‘radio silence’ from their neighbors…like… request a top floor,” remarked a third. I am at a loss for words!”

A fourth person said, in the meantime: “I believe it’s time to start keeping a log. It’s true that neighbours gone crazy sometimes!”

One more person added, “It’s known as community noise. They must purchase a home.”

“Property Manager here…they need to be reminded that this is apartment living,” the person continued. The office should terminate if another unit is denied and offer another.”

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