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MUM TO THE RESCUE When is Bianca Jackson getting back to Eastenders?

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For the fourth time, EASTENDERS legend Patsy Palmer is set to return to the soap as legendary Bianca Jackson character.

In the coming weeks, the actress is set to film her comeback scenes just in time for the murder trial of her on-screen daughter Whitney Dean.

Bianca's daughter Whitney has admitted to murdering Leo King

When is Bianca Jackson back at EastEnders?
Exactly when Bianca will return to EastEnders, EastEnders have yet to confirm.

However, in the coming weeks, the iconic character is expected to return to the soap.

The Sun Online has revealed exclusively that Bianca is returning to EastEnders just in time to assist Whitney through her murder trial.

The actress lived it up DJing in Malibu after she quit EastEnders

What is the Comeback plot for Bianca?
Following months of horror, EastEnders ' horrific Valentine's Day eventually saw Whitney escape the clutches of wicked Leo.

For a period of a few months, Leo seduced Whitney but left her horrified when she realized he was the son of her former abuser, Tony King.

Leo had found himself sure that Whitney had lied about the violence and had framed her for vengeance.

The creep pounced on Whitney in her room after lying waiting in her attic and bore a huge knife.

She wrestled the knife from him as he pulled a terrified Whitney to the ground, and watched in horror as he fell onto the blade.

Bianca's partner Tony abused her daughter Whitney in EastEnders

Why was Bianca leaving EastEnders?
Fans will know that in 1999, Bianca left Walford for Manchester for the first time since her friendship with Ricky Butcher had broken down.

The iconic character made a dramatic comeback in 2008 and got embroiled in a harrowing storyline as her partner Tony King started to abuse her daughter Whitney.

When Whitney finally spoke out about the abuse, he was reported to police by Bianca and got him banged behind bars-where he later killed himself.

Bianca left the Square again in 2014 to take Tiffany and Morgan to reside in Milton Keynes.

Her last appearance was last year in Summer when she came back to witness Whitney's doomed wedding to Callum Highway for a few episodes.

Patsy Palmer was unveiled as The Masked Singer's butterfly on a talent show

What has become of Patsy Palmer?
The red-headed star moved to Malibu after quitting in 2014 to spend more time with her family alongside her husband Richard Markwell.

Last month she has revealed as the butterfly on the talent shows The Masked Singer by the mother of four shocked followers in the UK.

The star also shocked viewers with the news she'd turned to DJing in Malibu during her appearance on the show.

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