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Melissa George returns home to Perth after famously declaring she’d ‘rather enjoy a croissant in Paris’ than talk about her star-making role on Home and Away again

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Famously, Melissa George once said she’d rather “be having a croissant in Paris” than talk about the Australian TV programme that made her famous, Home and Away.

However, the 47-year-old actress visited Perth, her homeland, this week. On Thursday, George shared many Instagram images from the capital of Western Australia.

The first image featured a beach and read, “Winter in Perth… no place like home,” followed by a heart emoji.

She then posted a collection of pictures and videos taken at a sheep farm following a shearing operation.

Along with a photo of herself wearing spotless white jeans, the Amityville Horror actress added the ironic message, “I clearly didn’t do any of the shearing.”

Additionally, Melissa could be seen in one video caressing a sheep dog and lamenting the’so impractical’ness of her outfit.

The former soap star currently resides in Paris and frequently writes on social media about her daily life there.

When Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies overemphasised Melissa’s role as Angel in Home and Away during an interview on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show in 2012, the interviewee famously lost her cool.

“I adore this city so much, Sydney.” And although I desperately want to return home, the stress this has caused me is not worth my health,’ she reportedly stated following the interview.

Since I always feel unhappy when I get home, she said, “I honestly think this will be the last time I come and work here for a while.”

“I only need everyone to be quiet; I don’t need my country’s credibility any longer.” Please stop talking to me if they have nothing insightful to say.

She then made a remark that would stay with her for the following ten years.

“I’d rather be walking my French bulldog in New York City or having a croissant and a small espresso in Paris.”

She then clarified that she made the remarks because the hosts only wanted to talk about her time on Home and Away while she was on the show to promote and collect money for McHappy Day.

After receiving criticism, the Alias actress issued an apology, saying: “I want to apologise to any of my fans who were offended by my comments about Australia last weekend. The events of the week have upset me.”

“I’m really proud of my Australian heritage, and I’ll keep returning frequently to visit my family and work here.” In fact, the Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills has the best croissants in the world, she said.

Although I’m proud of my early Australian work and always appreciate when people mention Home and Away, I truly want to be able to talk to my followers about the work I’m currently producing.

Since leaving the Australian soap in 1996, George has had a successful career in film.

In Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch, she played Camilla Rhodes, and in the smash version of The Amityville Horror, she co-starred with actor Ryan Reynolds.

The celebrity also played notable roles in popular TV series including Grey’s Anatomy and Alias.

In the prestige drama The Mosquito Coast on Apple TV, she now co-stars with Justin Theroux.

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