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Legend of Eastenders criticises the programme for having “ridiculous” stories with too many serial murders.

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Exclusive: Cheryl Fergison, who portrayed Heather Trott on EastEnders for five years, claims that the BBC soap’s “ridiculous” storylines “normalise violence.”

Cheryl Fergison, a former EastEnders actor, criticised the soap opera for its “ridiculous, far-fetched” plotlines.

From 2007 until 2012, the actress portrayed the well-known character Heather Trott.

However, Cheryl, 57, has now claimed that the soap opera “normalises violence.”

The television favourite asserted that the programme needed to return to its roots in order to prevent millions of viewers from losing interest.

In her words: “Although I’m not the moral police, I do believe that EastEnders has gotten a little off track.

“I believe that rather than sensationalised content, people are demanding something more real and familiar.

“It now seems a little bit improbable. There are a finite number of murders and serial killers.

“I recall how big of a deal it was when Arthur Fowler stole the Christmas cash. Now, the only thing that matters is how many people can be shot or stabbed in the Square.”

“I don’t believe soap operas should convey that message. Younger individuals are being exposed to violence, in my opinion. Furthermore, I don’t believe that’s what viewers these days want to watch.”

“It must return to its roots and put the community first. They briefly attempted that in Covid before losing it.

“I am aware that soap operas make a huge effort to inform viewers about delicate subject matter like HIV. However, they will also create absurd plotlines in order to gain viewers, which makes me wonder why they did it.

It is comparable to giving with one hand before taking with the other.

Danny Dyer, who portrayed Mick Carter for nine years, claimed this week that the show had “lost its way.”

Over 20 million people watched each episode of EastEnders back when it was at its peak. This number is now as low as 2.5 million.

The soap operas were criticised by Cheryl for using too many fresh, young, and unproven performers because they were inexpensive.

She uttered: “Age discrimination is prevalent in modern soap operas. For the price of one elderly actor, producers can now obtain five young ones.

“I believe they should consider quality in addition to quantity and price.”

Cheryl is currently considering a part on Coronation Street, an ITV rival.

“I would love to be in Corrie,” she declared. I’m from the north now, and my accent is fantastic.”

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