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Kidnapping, an attack and wedding disaster: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Jacob (Alex Williams) returns covertly to the Bay and learns Bree (Juliet Godwin) is having an affair. He rushes to Bree’s hotel room after spotting red, ordering her to begin packing since she is going with him. Adam Rowland’s Remi (who realises that Jacob is returning) rushes to the motel but is too late as Jacob ties him to a chair and then takes out a hammer.

The day of Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding is elsewhere, and anticipation is high. Felicity, though, was experiencing cold feet the previous evening, and she isn’t feeling any better right now. Tane has already departed for the location, but to Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden’s (Stephanie Panozzo) dismay, Felicity abruptly declares that she is unable to do it and locks herself in her room. Is the wedding on the verge of being called off at the last minute?

Here are the Home and Away upcoming events for the week starting on Monday, February 27.

After Stacey fails to accept responsibility, Rose takes her on.
After persuading herself that Stacey wasn’t being faithful, Rose finds herself on shaky ground with Xander and Stacey. Although his relationship with his fiancée and sister is going well, Xander isn’t too concerned about the fact that they are at war. Rose finds it difficult to overcome her scepticism, but she chooses to try for the sake of her brother. While Stacey is leading a fitness class, the woman approaches her, but she remains silent. Rose is persistent, so Stacey suggests a fitness challenge in an effort to finally get Rose to stop bothering her.

Jacob locates Bree and abducts her.

Remi and Bree are at last content with each other, but Jacob has other ideas as he sneakily heads back to the Bay to observe the situation. He enters Remi’s home and discovers Bree’s earrings, which Jacob had bought for her, on the bedside table in his room. Jacob rushes to the motel room after noticing something is wrong and confronts a helpless Bree. She should start packing because she is going with him, he says. Is Bree in danger of being taken?

Jacob kidnaps Remi and attacks her.
After spending time with Bree, Remi returns home, but he is startled to learn that a blonde man was looking for him from Kirby and Theo. Remi recognises right away that Bree is in danger and that Jacob has returned. He rushes to the motel room, but it is already too late. He barges in and finds Bree being choked by her abusive husband. Remi is tied to the chair when Jacob commands him to take a seat. Jacob then pulls a hammer out and breaks Remi’s hand. Who will assist Remi as he begins to lose consciousness as Jacob gets ready to leave with Bree?

Kirby’s intuition directs the authorities to Remi

Remi took off after she informed Kirby that a blonde man was hunting for him, leaving Kirby perplexed. She can’t get rid of the notion that her friend has suffered a terrible loss. Why else would Remi advise her to the police if the man reappeared? When time passes and Kirby can’t reach Remi on the phone, her anxieties grow. When Mackenzie hears about the issue, she links the dots and say they should definitely be frightened if Jacob is back. When Kirby is at Rose, the police begin a search and rescue operation. As they get at the motel room, they discover Remi bound to a chair and barely conscious.

Ziggy and Dean enrol in a childbirth class, but things go horribly wrong.
Ziggy tells Dean that the birthing class is not like school despite his reluctance to enrol. Dean cautions her, however, that he has been expelled from every class he has ever taken. Nonetheless, the pair is welcomed with yoga mats and exercise balls when they show up for the lesson. Both of them are aware that they are out of their comfort zones. Ziggy lands on a ball and falls over right away. Dean, meanwhile, can’t resist but make snide remarks about an especially excited expectant parent. The teacher eventually dismisses them BOTH, telling a colleague that they were acting like high school students.

Cash understands he must express his true feelings to Eden.
Because Cash has been sending Eden conflicting messages for several weeks, things have gotten even more delicate after Eden confessed her love to Him while visibly intoxicated during Felicity’s hen party. Cash refused to acknowledge Eden’s outpouring of passion because he is reluctant to fall in love once more following what happened with Jasmine. Gary realises there is a problem between Cash and Eden the moment he arrives for Tane and Felicity’s wedding. After talking to his adoptive father, Cash realises that he needs to express his true feelings to Eden. Has he, however, come too late?

Felicity abandoned Tane at the altar, right?

Everyone is eager to help Tane and Felicity celebrate their forthcoming nuptials as the wedding day finally arrives. The bride and groom have each received a sumptuous wedding breakfast from Mackenzie, and Cash announces his surprise for Felicity: he has restored their father’s ute to get them there. Felicity starts to fear once Tane leaves, and she tells herself that she can’t carry it out. Cash, Gary, and Eden attempt to reason with Felicity, but she isolates herself in her room and calls off the wedding.

Felicity and Eden recklessly take a turn towards calamity

Felicity ultimately decides to go through with the wedding and gets in the car with Eden to do it. The two women have no idea that a shadowy figure had been waiting in the darkness the previous night until it was safe to proceed. He stopped the ute’s brakes as he got closer, causing brake fluid to spill from it. Little do the women realise as they begin their adventure that they are headed for calamity…

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