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Justin and Remi spiral as Home and Away returns to the UK

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Justin faces a dangerous surgery after being rescued from the abandoned warehouse, as Remi refuses to accept that Lyrik are back.

In the UK’s mid-November season finale cliffhanger, things weren’t looking good for James Stewart’s character Justin, who had suffered a major injury while attempting to break free from the warehouse where he and Ada Nicodemou were being held captive.

After being duped into believing they had won a lavish vacation, the two were trapped in an abandoned building to die by Vita Nova cult members who ambushed them.

The pipes gave way and collapsed on top of Justin after he had tried for several days, growing weaker by the minute, to climb up to an overhead gantry carrying some pipework and follow it into the next room.

Before realizing there were ladders constructed into the room’s columns, Leah made a last-ditch attempt to keep a seriously injured Justin awake. She even made a marriage proposal to him.

Next week as we pick up where we left off, Leah is able to scale a platform and, after assuring Justin that she would receive assistance, she makes it to the next chamber and escapes.

It soon becomes clear that the pair have been dumped in the middle of nowhere however, and with nothing but a drop of filthy water emerging from a nearby tap, Leah is growing weaker both physically and mentally.

It finally seems that they’re about to be saved when Leah then sees a car approaching. She stands in the middle of the track waving for it to stop… only for it to pass right through her! It was merely a hallucination.

As Leah slumps against a tree, she sees a vision of Justin who wills her to carry on, but Leah is too tired as she drifts off to sleep.

Eventually, ‘Justin’ brings Leah to her senses as she awakens with a start and a renewed vigour, and she carries on walking along the lonely track until she miraculously comes across a real car.

Justin is unresponsive once the ambos eventually reach him that night, and when he’s brought back to Northern Districts Hospital, Bree discovers that he has internal bleeding, as well as broken ribs and a punctured lung.

As Leah herself receives treatment for severe dehydration, Bree tells her that Justin is currently too weak to be operated on.

But when Justin later begins to crash, Bree has no choice but to rush him down to surgery.

Will Justin make it through?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) has made the decision to return to Lyrik, but is it going to be that simple?

Kirby had been lured to a solo career by prominent record producer Forrest Duke (Elijah Williams), breaking the hearts of Lyrik bandmates Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi (Adam Rowland) who she had been performing with since high school.

If the feeling of betrayal wasn’t enough, Kirby being the sole songwriter on most of Lyrik’s songs meant that Noble Records were able to withhold the copyright on them.

As a result, the remaining members of the band were forbidden from performing their own songs and had to pull their recently released album from streaming services.

Whilst Kirby remained unaware of this development, it only further alienated Remi and Eden.

When Kirby was finally told the truth, she tried to assure her friends that she’d had no idea what Forrest had done, but it seemed to be too little too late.

Kirby extended a further olive branch by inviting her former bandmates to her album launch, and although Theo (Matt Evans) has been supportive of Kirby’s move, Remi and Eden had been resolute that they wouldn’t attend.

A last minute change-of-heart, after a talking to from Bree (Juliet Godwin), finally saw Remi and Eden try to put the past behind them and attend the launch.

But the evening took a surprising twist when, after her performance, Kirby suddenly realised that a solo career wasn’t what she wanted after all.

Kirby’s notion was harshly dismissed by Forrest, who also reminded her that she was bound by a contract. Despite this, Kirby proceeded to inform her former bandmates about her intention to reunite with them.

Remi believed Kirby was crazy, but Theo and Eden were ecstatic. He believed that Kirby was onto something special because Lyrik had already passed away.

Returning to the action next week, and a band meeting is called, but Remi is nowhere to be seen. Eden calls Remi but he refuses to come, to a band meeting for a band that doesn’t exist.

Remi obviously isn’t wanting to get his hopes up, and Eden can see his point. After all, if Forrest refuses to release Kirby from her contract, then a reunion isn’t going to happen.

Calling Forrest in the hopes that he has calmed down, Kirby learns that her track is becoming very popular and that the label is eager to release her next one.

Kirby worries that there’s no way she can back out of it when Forrest says he’s giving her time to “rethink her decision.”

Remi hits the whisky as he continues to brood over the situation, and when Eden tries to buoy him with a surprise band meeting the next morning, Remi loses his cool.

As Remi attempts to head out on his bike, Eden attempts to confiscate his keys, not wanting him to ride whilst he’s angry. This only fuels Remi’s anger further, and as Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is forced to yell at him to back off, Remi tells Eden that he’s done—”With you, Lyrik, and the whole thing.

Kirby later comes up with a risky strategy, deciding to post on social media that she’s back in the band. Once the fans are excited over the news then surely Forrest will have no option than to back down…

Theo isn’t sure that it’s such a good idea, but Kirby is adamant that she has to do something!

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