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ITV Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ Cain Dingle affair with unlikely villager

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EXCLUSIVE: When he assisted in disguising Craig Reed’s death, Emmerdale mainstay Cain Dingle teamed up with an unexpected local.
Fans of Emmerdale appear to believe that Jeff Hordley’s character Cain Dingle will have an affair with an unlikely villager.

After Craig Reed (Ben Addis) passed away, Cain recently partnered with Kim Tate (Claire King).
Sam Dingle (James Hooton) beat Craig up while Cain looked on after taking him hostage.

To Cain’s dismay, Sam chose to release Craig, and the last thing they saw of him was him sprinting off into the distance.

Although it was unclear how Craig died when he was discovered dead the next day, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) believed Sam had killed her rapist.

It was eventually revealed in a flashback scene that Craig died as a result of being kicked in the stomach by Kim’s horse.

Kim wanted to call 911, but Cain talked her out of it, telling her to let Craig die on his own.

Kim was asked by Cain, “Who are you calling?” as Craig lay on the ground, barely breathing.

Kim said, “An ambulance,” to which Cain responded, “It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?”

Kim countered, saying, “What should I do? The foolish person leaped in front of my horse.”

Cain responded, “I know I saw it,” to Kim’s query, “What are you doing on my land anyway?”

Kim said, “I hear Sam gave him a beating,” as the mechanic stated he was searching for Craig. You must feel guilty for not completing the task.”

“Perhaps you did us both a favour, perhaps I should be thanking you,” Cain continued. “You’ve already taken part. The police are the last thing we need in this area. He appears to have been severely beaten; how do we account for that?

“If the police know you or I have been anywhere near him, we are both suspects and you know it…accident or not.”

Certain fans seem to believe that Cain and Kim, who worked together to hide Craig’s death, will have a covert affair.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, @OrvilleLloyd theorised: “#emmerdale I know the writers are suggesting Caleb & Tracy will have an affair. Kim is attracted to Cain and tried to get him to sleep with her a few years ago. Will the writers revisit this? Cain & Kim affair before the year is over?” (sic)

@robjh44 echoed: “#emmerdale I have the feeling it will be Kim & Cain that has the affair.”

While @jp_jasonpeter added: “Cain got Kim on speed dial #emmerdale.”
Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw also teased that a “steamy affair” is on the cards for two of the villagers.

“We’ve got a very passionate steamy affair coming up between two people, and one of them is currently seemingly very happily married,” she teased in an exclusive interview with and other press.

“And there will be severe consequences from their affair. This will have an impact on many of our villagers.

“And it’s also going to ultimately lead to the new arrival joining the show, which I can’t tell you about just yet.”
Will Cain ultimately turn on his wife Moira Barton, played by Natalie J. Robb?

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