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Is Coronation Street actor Peter Ash related to Emmerdale star Will Ash?

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Paul Foreman from Coronation Street and Caleb Milligan from Emmerdale are at the center of a few significant storylines in their respective soap operas. Which ties do the actors have?
Will Ash’s Caleb Milligan, who appeared in Emmerdale earlier this year as the long-lost brother of Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), is now getting to know his relatives. Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), who was involved in an accident with Carla Connor, is having trouble adjusting to the fact that he can no longer use his right hand in another ITV soap opera (Alison King). Unfortunately, this is just the start of Paul’s upcoming string of unfavorable news. Viewers have questioned whether there is a connection between the two actors because they both have significant roles in the shows the two.

Are Emmerdale’s Will Ash and Coronation Street’s Peter Ash related?

Peter Ash, who stars in Corrie, has been a part of the ITV drama since 2018, while Will Ash joined Emmerdale around the holidays.
However, due to his prior TV appearances in Where the Heart Is, Clocking Off, and Soldier, Soldier, he was already a well-known face.

He played teacher Chris Mead for two seasons in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road, one of his most significant roles to date.

Fans, however, were unaware of his familial ties to the Coronation Street actor with whom he shares a last name.

Last year, when Emmerdale revealed Will would be joining the cast, Peter posted on Twitter to share his excitement.

Yes!, he typed. This is Will, my cousin. He is an absolutely fantastic actor, and he was a major influence on my decision to pursue acting.

“I can’t wait to watch him perform in #Emmerdale!”

Fans couldn’t wait to express their surprise on social media when it was revealed that the two are second cousins.

“I Googled you both earlier when I saw #Emmerdale’s tweet,” one soap opera viewer wrote (before I saw your post).

“Because you two look so alike, I actually thought you were brothers. Google confirmed that I have cousins.

Another person continued, “No way, I had no idea he’s your cousin, well, fantastic acting definitely runs in the family.”

In their ITV dramas, both stars will be in a few heartfelt scenes.

Since moving into the village, Caleb has upset the Dingle family, much to Cain’s displeasure.

The brothers will remain at war with one another for the foreseeable future because he won’t make peace with him.

A deal between Caleb and Kim Tate (Claire King), who wants him to invest in a new stud farm, also appears to be in the works.

But Paul is going to get a terrible diagnosis on the cobbles in the coming weeks.

Since being knocked over by the Underworld van driven by Carla after Stephen Reid drugged her with LSD, Paul has been unable to use his right hand (Todd Boyce).

Paul was only prompted by this to visit the doctor, where he was informed that he had MND, a condition that shortens life expectancy.

How long will Paul be able to conceal the truth from his loved ones while maintaining his diagnosis?

Emmerdale and Coronation Street are available to watch four times a week on ITV.

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