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Home and Away’s Xander ambushed in drug attack as Bree makes pregnancy discovery

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The Channel 5 soap is bringing blockbuster week to UK screens with two weeks of can’t-miss storylines that will broadcast in May 2023 as part of Home and Away’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

Following a terrible car accident earlier this year that left several Summer Bay residents battling for their lives, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding day ended in disaster.

After bikies cut the brakelines of the ute in an effort to murder Flick’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) was left in charge and fell into a coma.

Felicity was trapped in the burning wreck and suffered trauma from the mishap despite only suffering minor injuries.

Flick used alcohol as a coping mechanism for her ordeal and informed Tane she no longer desired marriage while intoxicated.

But Felicity and Tane made up after she put her past behind her, and as they get ready to say “I do” in a touching ceremony, it’s second time fortunate for the couple.

Tane will surprise his radiant fiancée in the show’s 8,000th episode.

Tane has discreetly planned a small-scale, traditional Mori wedding with a Kaikaranga (a woman who makes a welcome call) and poi dancers with Cash’s (Nicholas Cartwright) assistance.

Felicity surprises Tane when she repeat her wedding vows in te reo Mori as a loving tribute to her fiancé’s culture.

When Justin (James Stewart) thinks a guy is hurting his daughter Ava, he becomes furious elsewhere in the Bay. (Annabel Wolfe).

The mechanic’s world is turned upside down when he discovers he will serve time in prison for assaulting the unidentified man.

a sentimental Ava claims she won’t lose her father again, but could the Morgan-Patterson family be on the verge of dissolution?

Meanwhile, Xander (Luke Van Os) and his paramedic partner are ambushed by a gang of bat-wielding drug seekers in a terrifying attack, putting their lives in danger.

The paramedics assert that they don’t want any trouble, but they are soon encircled. Will they survive the ordeal?

After Bree (Juliet Godwin) was abducted by her violent spouse Jacob, she endured a traumatic few months. (Alex Williams).

When Jacob found out Bree was in love with Remi (Adam Rowland), he brutally assaulted her until she passed out.

The doctor found her spouse digging a hole when she awoke.

Bree used the opportunity that Jacob took to set down the spade on the ground to hit him in the head with it, but she realized she had killed him and was horrified.

Bree felt guilty about sleeping with Jacob while they were running, but when the authorities told her they were no longer looking into Jacob’s death, it seemed like she could finally move on.

But when Bree learns she is pregnant, it appears she is unable to leave her troubled history behind.

Bree confesses to Remi that she doesn’t know who the parent is in an emotional exchange.

Will Remi help the person he adores overcome her biggest challenge yet?

Afterwards, Eden and Cash have a wild night at Salt after a very intoxicated post-wedding party.

Following the collision, the pair was torn apart because Eden woke up forgetting her boyfriend and their relationship.

Even though the relationship between the two is now stronger than ever, Cash suddenly wakes up in a panic when he sees an engagement band on Eden’s finger.

It’s up to the Bay’s cop to reconstruct the evening’s events and figure out how he unknowingly entered into the biggest committment of his life.

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