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Home and Away’s most expensive stunts and how much they cost – bus crash to great storm

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Home and Away have aired some incredible scenes over the years – but some of them have certainly come up pricey with expensive sets and stunts needed for certain episodes

With flames, collisions, and explosions, Summer Bay has produced some pretty dramatic situations for Home And Away viewers over the years.

The lovely coastal community’s inhabitants have witnessed more than their fair share of gruesome episodes that resulted in life-or-death situations and frequently ended in catastrophe.

The show’s producers have really splurged when it comes to presenting an awe-inspiring viewing experience because they are so committed to giving their audience a thrilling encounter.
In fact, some sequences have broken financial records because they go above and above and cost a staggering sum to produce.

Bus crash drama

After the catastrophic bus accident in 2014, in which lives were on the line, viewers were traumatized.

A multi-vehicle catastrophe that occurred in the dramatic season finale resulted in tragic outcomes for some of the show’s most beloved characters.

Summer Bay people had boarded a minibus to travel to the city to see Kyle Braxton’s girlfriend Phoebe perform when the catastrophe occurred.

Two further interconnected plotlines involving Sophie and Nate, who start fighting in their car as they return to Summer Bay, played out as the party continued on their journey.

As her mental stability deteriorated, Sophie reacted violently and grabbed the steering wheel when she thought Nate was bringing her to the hospital rather than fleeing with her as she had intended.

She caused a collision in the dramatic scenario, which caused the bus to swerve, flip, and roll repeatedly until it came to a stop.

The horrifying crash also injured Kyle, Hannah Wilson, Denny Miller, Evie MacGuire, Sasha Bezmel, Leah Patterson-Baker, and pregnant Ricky Sharpe.

The majority of the victims were subsequently shown to have only suffered minor wounds, but Cassie Howarth’s Hannah had to confront the possibility that she could never be able to walk normally again.

In order for Kyle to heal from his severe injuries, he was also put into a coma, and viewers observed Leah’s family’s dismal situation when they learned she might never awaken.

Disastrous great storm

As a natural disaster struck Summer Bay, The Great Storm received a massive four episodes.

From September 5 to 8, 2011, during the dramatic run, bosses went all out for the grandiose plot, which producer Cameron Welsh called the “greatest stunt/disaster plotline” to have ever appeared in the soap.

The ensemble participated in a number of stunts over the course of a demanding 11-day filming schedule during the event, which took place during the 24th season of the popular show.

FX, green screen, wind machines, and rain machines were used as special effects to produce the horrific sequences, and when paired with the hours spent filming on location, the narrative became their most expensive ever.

One character will die, it was stated when the actors began to promote the big TV event, but the surprise was kept closely under wraps to keep fans guessing right up until the death broadcast.

While the majority of Summer Bay inhabitants sought cover at Summer Bay High’s evacuation center, the storyline featured numerous important characters engaged in their own subplots as they fought to escape the storm.

Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell), Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham), and Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) were left at sea after their boat capsized, and fans witnessed Romeo Smith trying to save lives around the Bay.

In other scenes, Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing), Colleen Smart (Lyn Collingwood), and Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley) were trapped at Summer Bay High under a fallen roof, while pregnant Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) almost lost her unborn child.

After the storm subsided, viewers learned that Tegan Callahan (Saskia Burmeister) had tragically perished in an automobile accident.

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