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Home and Away Walker family now – scream queen, controversial exit and co-star romance

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The Walker family made their Home and Away debut in 2009 and became an instant hit with fans – but what have the actors been up more than a decade after their first appearance?

a local soap Over the years, The Walker’s and other well-known families have been featured on Home and Away.

When the family moved to Summer Bay in 2009, they gave birth to some of the most adored characters, including the spunky sisters Sasha and Indi and the quick-witted Dex.

From Dex’s horrible automobile accident, which left him with a brain impairment, to Sasha’s domestic violence tale, which concluded with her killing her partner in self-defense, the Walkers frequently found themselves at the center of some of the soap opera’s biggest storylines.

Where are they now, more than eight years after the family fled the bay in 2015?

Samara Weaving (Indigo ‘Indi’ Walker)

2009 saw the debut of Australian beauty Samara Weaving as Indigo Walker.

Romeo Smith was frequently the subject of Indi’s tales, which quickly won over the audience.

Romeo left the Bay without notifying Indi, intending to spare her from witnessing his cancer death, but their romance ended tragically.

Samara, 31, sought gigs in the US after leaving Home and Away in 2014, and she has since established an extraordinarily lucrative acting career.

She appeared in the movies Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Babysitter, and Mayhem in 2017.

She played the lead for the first time in a theatrical American movie, Ready or Not, a black comedy horror movie that has made her a scream queen.

The blonde beauty has also scored roles on the big screen, starring alongside Natalie Dormer in the 2018 Hollywood drama Picnic at Hanging Rock, which will be released in 2020, and the 2021 series Nine Perfect Strangers.

Her most recent appearance on cinema was a cameo as film professor Laura Crane in the slasher movie Scream VI.

Since they first met on the set of The Babysitter, the former soap opera star and movie producer Jimmy Warden have been dating.

The couple announced their engagement in 2019 and reportedly got married that year in secrecy.

Robert Mammone (Sid Walker)

Robert Mammone was introduced as Sid Walker, but he was already a major star long before his soap opera popularity. His original five-week guest appearance was scrapped.

The actor is most known for his roles as AK in The Matrix films, Tim Palmer in Sons and Daughters, and as the primary antagonist in the action film The Condemned opposite former WWE wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

In 2009, Sid and his family relocated to Summer Bay, where he started working as a doctor at Northern Districts Hospital.

Sid started seeing longtime Bay resident Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) after his marriage to wife Jodie (Victoria Haralabidou) fell apart, but things weren’t meant to be and the couple broke up before Sid left the Bay.

Robert, 54, exited the drama in 2013 and said his character was written out because he “spoke up for the truth too much”.

The actor had openly blasted writers for their treatment of Romeo’s illness storyline, revealing the two “re-wrote” most of their lines in order to “get it right”.

He also used Twitter to express his annoyance at not receiving an invitation to the 2013 Logie Awards.

Robert has appeared in a number of Australian television programs after leaving the soap opera, including Brock (2016), Janet King (2017), and Bite Club (2018).

Aside from Sid, Robert is most known for playing drug lord Tony Mokbel in the Australian television series Underbelly (2008) and its follow-ups Fat Tony & Co. (2014) and Informer 3838, scheduled to air in 2020.

Charles Cottier (Dexter ‘Dex’ Walker)

Although Tom Green originally performed the role of Dexter Walker, the character first landed in the area in 2009 with his family.

Charles Cottier took on the part of quick-witted Dex when the Walker family made a comeback in 2010 and quickly won over admirers.

Among Dex’s most memorable plots were his love for his father’s fiancée and his recovery from a terrible car accident that left him with a brain injury.

Dex stayed in the Bay for three years before moving to Paris with his lover April Scott to start a new life (Rhiannon Fish).

However, Tom Green first portrayed the role of Dexter Walker when he and his family first landed in the area in 2009.

Charles Cottier, who played the witty Dex when the Walker family made a comeback in 2010, immediately won over admirers.

One of Dex’s most memorable plots saw him falling in love with his father’s girlfriend and overcoming a brain injury he received in a terrible automobile accident.

Dex stayed in the Bay for three years before moving to Paris to start a new life with his girlfriend April Scott (Rhiannon Fish).

Demi Harman (Sasha Bezmel)

The long-lost daughter of Sid, Sasha Bezmel, played by Demi Harman, came in Summer Bay in 2011.

Sasha adapted to life in the Bay after reconciling with her father and half-siblings, but she faced her fair share of challenges along the road.

She started dating Brenton Thwaites’ character from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Stu Henderson, but the relationship quickly grew violent, and Sasha killed him out of self-defense.

Sasha permanently left the Bay in 2015 after her romance with Matt Page (Alec Snow) fell apart.

In the same year, Demi took on the role of Riley Hart in the Australian series Winners & Losers. In 2019, she made an appearance in a Modern Family episode.

The original 2021 movie Christmas on the Farm included the 30-year-most old’s recent acting appearance.

Once the characters of Demi and Alec on the program started dating, the two famously started dating.

The couple apparently broke up in late 2017 after Demi traveled to US to advance her acting career after being together for four years.

Demi made her romance with Disney TV producer Andrew Brooks public in 2018, and in 2022, they were married in a small ceremony in Palm Springs.

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