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Home and Away to air more classic episodes over Christmas on My5

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During the holiday season, Home and Away classic episodes will be available to stream on Channel 5’s My5 streaming service.

Following a gripping UK season finale in which Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) found themselves imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse, Home and Away has departed the air for the winter. However, Channel 5 has revealed that fans won’t be without their beloved soap opera for the next six weeks.

Fans can look out to Home and Away Classics returning to My5, providing them with their daily fix of Summer Bay sunlight.

My5 will begin airing vintage episodes of Home and Away every weekday at 12 p.m. starting on November 20.

They will relive “famous faces, weddings, memorable moments, first appearances, Christmases, and celebrating from the Bay to LA!” over the course of six weeks.

Episode 5377: The Massive Squall

Dean drives his car off a cliff in episode 7619.

Bobby’s accident in Episode 1298

Prepare to revisit some of the most poignant, dramatic, and heartbreaking Home and Away episodes that have aired in Summer Bay over the previous 36 years.

Cast of Home and Away in 1995

My5’s Home and Away Classics will open with a retrospective of well-known visitors to the Bay. Throughout the first week, catch memorable performances by Danni Minogue, Michael Palin, Nick Grimshaw, Ed Sheeran, and Atomic Kitten.

Emma Jackson, played by Dannii Minogue on Home and Away

Episode 1917 featured a guest appearance by Michael Palin.

Ed Sheeran made an appearance in Episode 6274 of Home and Away.

Traditional weddings will consist of:

Episode 86: Alf and Ailsa
Robert and Frank (Episode 243)
Angel and Shane (Episode 1)
Leah and Vinnie (2998th episode)
Ziggy with Brody (Episode 6910)
Among the memorable times will be:

The incident with Bobby (Episode 1298)
At gunpoint, Ailsa (Episode 2497)
The Death of Ailsa (Episode 2960)

Episode 2960: The Demise of Ailsa

Fisher departs (Second 4502).
The Formal is on fire (Episode 4770)
The Great Storm (5377th episode)
Death of Casey Braxton (Episode 6052)
Explosion at Caravan Park (Episode 6415)

Episode 6415: Explosion at Caravan Park

A Shot to Willow (Episode 7041)
In Episode 7619, Dean drives his automobile off a cliff.

Fisher departs in Episode 4502.

Episode 7041: A Shot to Willow

Initial appearances are scheduled for:

Pilot Ray Meagher
Emily Symons (300th episode)
Lynne McGranger (1470).
(Episode 1370) Simon Baker
Ada Nicodemou (2793rd episode)
Georgie Parker (5195th episode)

Episode 5195: Parker, Georgie

Episode 6052: The Death of Casey Braxton

Additionally, we’ll experience Christmases in Summer Bay, such as the first one in Episode 228 and the one in which Alf’s Christmas tree blew up in Episode 1604.

The dramatic 2023 season finale featured a special UK season finale that put Leah and Justin’s lives in jeopardy. For those eager to learn what’s in store, we’ve produced a special spoilers piece for 2024 Home and Away UK that covers everything that will be revealed over the first two months of the upcoming year.

Find out if Justin and Leah make it out alive, why Leah starts having nightmares, the true reason Zara (Matilda Brown) came to Summer Bay, and what awaits Irene (Lynne McGranger) on her courtroom day.

In addition, there are many new faces: we get to know Nicola Carter (Kate Raison), the sister of Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who has never been discussed before, and Remi’s (Adam Rowland) parents, Graham and Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey).

In addition, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) have a marital breakdown following the revelation of a significant secret, while John (Shane Withington) faces uncertainty in his employment at the surf club following a particularly contentious lifeguarding class that leaves a pupil feeling bitter.

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