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Home and Away Tegan star’s life – A-list fling rumours to child of ‘Oz’s richest couple’

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Fans of Home and Away may remember Tegan, the person claiming to be Andrew’s half-sister.

The character Tegan, portrayed by Sophia Forrest, arrived in Summer Bay on Monday (August 21), and she made it obvious right away that she wanted to get to know her younger brother.

Over the following few days, the siblings kept in touch with one another and grew closer over their common childhood pain.

Sophia leads a very different life away from the Channel 5 serial, though.

The non-binary 28-year-old was born to one of Australia’s wealthiest households and is engaged to be married to their partner, fellow actress Zoe Zara.

Australian billionaires’ couple

The second child of Australian businessman Twiggy Forrest and Nicola Maurice is named Sophia.

One of Australia’s wealthiest couples, the couple announced their separation in July after 31 years of marriage and has a combined fortune of $32 billion.

The majority of their alleged riches is said to come from the iron ore firm Fortescue Metals Group, which Andrew, 61, founded and serves as executive chairman.

The family’s charity endeavours have been spearheaded by Nicola, while Andrew has spent the last few decades managing the ore mines.

They joined The Giving Pledge in 2013, a campaign where the world’s wealthiest people promise to donate the majority of their wealth to charity organisations, becoming the first billionaires from Australia to do so.

Sister Grace and brother Sydney are Sophia’s other two siblings.

Sophia fully agrees with Andrew and Nicola’s admission that their children won’t inherit their enormous wealth.

“Inheritance has never really made sense to me,” the soap opera actress admitted to Fairfax Media’s Sunday life magazine in 2017.

“I find it puzzling to watch it pull families apart. You are not entitled to that money because you haven’t worked for it or earned it, therefore I fail to understand why you believe it should be yours. So we all decided to distribute everything.

“Knowing that it’s not my problem is a relief. Things are going to get better. I don’t require it. I’m going to work hard and support myself.

They said, “I avoided being connected with ‘Twiggy’ growing up. ‘Twiggy’ is a media construct, not my dad, of whom I am extremely proud. People simply had a tendency to assume the worst of you as a result of that.

Beautiful fiancée

Sophia is getting married to 27-year-old actress Zoe Zara.

The couple, who got together while filming Ride Like a Girl in 2019, confirmed their engagement in April 2022 via a cute Instagram video.

Before Zoe raised her hand and showed the camera her stunning diamond ring, the two women could be seen cuddling up to each other in a river in the video.

The Aquaman actor captioned the picture, “She makes heaven a place on earth,” adding the date “21.4.22” and a ring emoji.

One week later, the lovely blonde confessed her handsome fiancé had proposed to her.

Sophia gushed: “Oh me oh my, she proposed back what a dream” as the happy couple held their engagement rings up to the camera.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the TV personality opened up about their engagement and stated, “The overwhelming support and love we have received from our family and friends has been one of the most joyful experiences of my life.”

rumours about Russell Crowe

In 2017, there were allegations that Russell Crowe, Sophia’s co-star in The Water Diviner, was dating her.

After seeing The Mummy together, they aroused rumours, and a photo of them together at an NRL game in Sydney subsequently added fuel to the fire.

The 59-year-old actor, who is 31 years Sophia’s senior, refuted the claims after Australian publication Women’s Day said the two were romantically involved.

The Gladiator actor criticised the publication’s “deliberate lies” on social media.

Can you not intentionally lie on your s***-filled pages about relationships I’ve never had? Thank you in advance,” he yelled in a heated post addressed to Women’s Day.

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