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Home and Away teases big setback for Dean and Ziggy in 23 spoiler pictures

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Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK televisions in the week beginning February 13

John, Rose, and Kirby get ready for the Summer Bay golf tournament on February 15th.
The three have joined forces to form Palmer’s Putters.

John, Rose, and Kirby go through the golf course on February 15th.
They investigate who they will face in the tournament the next day.

Wednesday, February 15: Kirby observes as Rose makes final preparations.

a.m. on February 15: Rose is really knowledgeable.
She has previously triumphed in two golf competitions.

Wednesday, February 15: Justin, the head of the competing team, is present.
He is eager to examine the opposition.

Wednesday, February 15: Justin becomes insecure and John begins to feel arrogant.
Justin soon sneaks away to wreck Palmer’s Putters’ golf buggy out of desperation to win.

The day of the competition is Wednesday, February 15. Dean pairs up with Theo and Justin. Despite being a complete beginner at golf, he is eager to participate after learning that the winner will receive a new car as their first prize. By chance, Ziggy has already informed Dean that they would require a new vehicle once their child is born.

15th of February, Wednesday: Theo and Justin are astonished.
Dean proves to be an absolute pro at the game.

On February 15th, Theo and Justin will celebrate.
They appear to be benefiting from everything.

On February 15th, Justin’s team gains even another edge.
The Palmer’s Putters team’s golf buggy isn’t working, so they must walk the course.

a.m. on February 15: Justin is overjoyed.
His covert sabotage has yielded good results.

a.m. on February 15: Dean believes he will get the new automobile.
Could Justin’s squad, though, be overjoyed already?

Wednesday, February 15: Kirby fires a shot as the game proceeds.

Tuesday, February 14: John and Rose nervously observe.
They require an immediate turnaround of their situation.

Wednesday, February 15: Kirby John is under pressure to perform a miracle.

On February 15th, Kirby has a party.
Finally, John’s team has experienced the turnaround they needed.

On February 15, Kirby, Rose, and John experience a more upbeat mood.
They still have a chance to triumph.

On February 15th, John congratulates his group.
But there is still work to be done.

Kirby and Rose on February 15th, Wednesday
Palmer’s Putters are a superb team player with John.

Tuesday, February 14: Dean begins to exaggerate his confidence.
The taunting from the opposing squad begins to dominate.

Wednesday, February 15: Rose, Kirby, and John grow impatient with the incessant walking.
It skews the playing field.

Wednesday, February 15: John makes an effort to be upbeat.
He shows himself to be a motivating group captain.

Wednesday, February 15: The outcome of the competition can cause conflict.
Even though Justin’s team triumphs, later CCTV footage shows that he intentionally damaged John’s golf buggy. As a result, Dean’s new car is seized along with Justin’s team’s disqualification. Who will respond, and how?

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