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Home and Away: Tane’s crazy cousin Tahu comes to town!

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Tane would do anything for his family.
His connections and business, though, may suffer if his cousin Kahu shows in and stirs up some controversy.
Tane (Ethan Browne) in Home and Away is thrilled to see his cousin Kahu (Jordi Webber), who has appeared unannounced in Summer Bay.
He extends an invitation for him to remain, which irritates Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), his newlywed, who had hoped the honeymoon would go a little longer.
But Felicity allows Kahu in after observing how delighted her husband is to see another member of the Parata family.

According to Jordi, Tane and Kahu have always been close.
They pick up where they left off clicking and jiving as soon as they catch up.But then Kahu asks for a position at the gym, surprising Tane and Flick. Flick likes Kahu but worries why he’s here and how long he’s staying, according to Jacqui, who spoke to TV WEEK.
She still considers herself to be in the honeymoon stage and doesn’t want anyone to take her love from her.

Jacqui continues that it has been fun to film with Ethan as a newlywed couple.
She declares, “I adore working with Ethan.”
He has been with me on this trip from the beginning. He tolerates all of my silliness and is incredibly nice to me.
Later that week, Tane gives Kahu a temporary job at the gym before realising Kahu is unqualified. Tane’s business would be in big trouble if consumers found out the truth or got hurt while in Kahu’s care.
In Jordi’s words, “Kahu hasn’t quite learned the value of honesty, hard work, and trust.”
He is carefree in his approach. This cheeky, entertaining, mischievous, surfer, rolling stone enters the city and brings the music. He is incredibly engaging to play with because of his high level of activity and ‘no care’ attitude.

Tane introduces Kahu to Alf (Ray Meagher) at the beach, but is taken aback when Kahu reveals that he is the gym’s new trainer.
Tane is concerned that he just made a terrible mistake, while Alf is happy that the position has been filled.
Will Kahu turn out to be a troublemaker and cause issues?
And why, in any case, is he so eager to stay in the Bay?

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