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Home and Away star Sarah Roberts undergoes surgery for endometriosis

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Actress Sarah Roberts of Home and Away admits that her marriage to co-star James Stewart has suffered as a result of her fight with endometriosis as she has surgery to have it removed from various organs.

Sarah Roberts, a star of the TV show Home and Away, underwent extensive surgery to have endometriosis removed from her uterus, colon, and both of her ovaries.

The 38-year-old actress released a selfie of herself in the hospital on Friday along with a description of her post-surgery scars.

Sarah Stewart, who is married to co-star James Stewart, expressed relief at receiving a diagnosis of “stage two endometriosis” after years of suffering from agony.

In the painful condition of endometriosis, the tissue that normally lines the uterus develops outside of this layer.

Endometriosis can impact a woman’s ability to conceive, claims IVF Australia.

Sarah Roberts, a star of Home and Away, underwent extensive surgery to have endometriosis removed from her uterus, colon, and both of her ovaries.

Extreme weariness and uncomfortable bowel movements are two additional crippling symptoms.

The soap opera star acknowledged that her illness had a negative impact on her three-year marriage.

She said in a lengthy Instagram post, “If you woke up today with another opportunity to contribute another page to the story of your life, then you owe it to yourself to create the most beautiful story you can conceive.

You owe it to yourself to find the answers, even if it takes five years and four months of unanswered medical inquiries, infertility issues, strained relationships, loss, and an effort to maintain a bright smile throughout it all.

She continued by thanking her mother for helping her through her illness and expressing her relief at receiving a diagnosis.

“Let your fingers flicker across the keyboard with the moment you woke up in the hospital after your laparoscopy and laughed SO HARD when the obstetrician finally told you that you had Stage 2 Endometriosis on your uterus, bowels, and both ovaries that your scars nearly burst open with relief,” she wrote.

“You weren’t crazy,” I said.

She then urged other endometriosis patients to share their own experiences in an effort to help others and spread awareness.

Let’s discuss it, write about it, and read about it because there is strength in sharing our experiences to help others, she said. “I am so grateful for the women who shared their stories with me and encouraged me to search for solutions while I was flailing around in the dark,” she added.

“We can be clumsy and fearful, but hopeful and bold in a warrior community that supports, cares about, and recognises us,” the author writes. focusing on the light

In July 2019, on the outskirts of Dublin, at Luttrellstown Castle, Sarah and James exchanged vows after becoming engaged in November 2018.

Stewart, who portrays Justin Morgan on Home and Away, and his ex-fiancée Jessica Marais have a 10-year-old daughter together named Scout.

Sarah revealed to Stellar magazine in 2020 that she had miscarried twice after getting married.

In a conversation with Now To Love in October, Sarah refuted frequent rumours that she and James had broken up.

We’re pleased, she told the newspaper.

Sarah stated to the media During her recent vacation to Italy, James, 46, was as amorous as ever, even picking her up from the airport with a basket of flowers.

It follows Bindi Irwin’s first-ever speech on Wednesday about her ten-year battle with endometriosis.

She disclosed that she had undergone extensive endometriosis surgery in the US.

The Holy Cow! The star of It’s the Irwins claimed she had been “ripped apart [by] the anguish” for ten years and that she ‘couldn’t live like I was’ without surgery.

She described how a surgeon at the New York City-based Seckin Endometriosis Center had removed a total of 37 lesions as well as a “chocolate cyst,” which is an euphemism for a cyst that contains menstrual blood.

Also, she wanted to call attention to the fact that medical professionals frequently fail to treat the issue seriously enough, recalling how one doctor had once informed her that the agony was just a natural aspect of being a woman.

Things could appear to be good from the outside, peering through someone else’s life window, but that is not always the truth, Bindi remarked.

Moreover, Bindi advised against inquiring about a woman’s family intentions because you never know if she may be dealing with an illness like endometriosis, which can impair fertility.

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