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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy and Dean clash leads to accident

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Ziggy suffers a fall after a tense conversation about baby names, while an argument between Theo and Kirby ends with a confession of love.

Theo (Matt Evans) comes perilously close to failing another TAFE project next week as a result of his multiple commitments.

Theo reassures girlfriend Kirby (Angelina Thomson) that he has everything under control when she reminds him of his assignment deadline, but he becomes diverted when John (Shane Withington) asks him to play in a charity golf event that Marilyn (Emily Symons) is organizing.

Marilyn and Roo (Georgie Parker) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) discuss a few options after deciding to try to raise $40,000 to purchase a new food truck for the city shelter they have been volunteering for. They ultimately decide on the golf tournament.

When John hears of Theo’s six handicap, he’s quick to recruit him for his team, and Theo’s knowhow is soon in demand as Marilyn asks him to come back to the house so she can quiz him on the sport. Theo is only too happy to help, despite the fact that he should be studying.

When Theo later looks at his calendar to try to fit in John’s golf practice after leaving a band meeting early, he is startled to discover that the project is actually due the very following day—he thought he had another week!

Theo (Sophie Dillman), who is in need, phones Ziggy from the garage and, happily, she agrees to stand in for him.

Theo is stressed out and certain that he will fail when Kirby arrives with snacks as support after learning about his situation from John.

Theo yells at Kirby to get off his back, and Kirby can’t help but point out that she’s been telling him to start on it for ages.

He quickly realizes his error as Kirby storms out, furious that he’s venting his aggravation on her. Ziggy comes just in time to witness Kirby drive off as Theo calling to her.

When Theo tells Ziggy what’s happened, she reprimands him but then reminds him of her vow to support him as a mentor, and the two of them go to work.

Later, when Dean (Patrick O’Connor) drops over with pizza, he isn’t really pleased to hear that Ziggy and Theo have plans to stay up all night. Dean decides to stay as well, dozing on the chair as the two work through the night out of concern for his pregnant girlfriend.

Having finally submitted the assignment the next morning, only minutes before the deadline, a drained Theo arranges to meet Kirby at the diner as Dean takes Ziggy home.

Theo realizes he has a lot of apologizing to do after Leah (Ada Nicodemou) comments that Kirby appeared to be quite depressed the previous evening. The opportunity arises as soon as Kirby enters the room.

Kirby reprimands Theo as she emphasizes how anxious she was after learning that Theo didn’t return home the previous night and after hearing nothing from him for so long.

Back at the house, Kirby points out that Theo’s behaviour – procrastinating and then blaming it on her – reminds her of being with Bob!

Theo can only apologise, but as he blurts out that you should never do that to someone you love, they both realise what he’s just said…

As Kirby asks whether he’s just saying that to get back on her good side, Theo admits that he is indeed in love with her…. does Kirby feel the same way?

Back at the farmhouse, Dean and Ziggy are about to run into a roadblock of their own when the topic of baby names is brought up.

They can’t keep calling their child “the grommet” forever, says Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who also kindly adds that Mac Jr. would be a really good name. After all, Jai (River Jarvis) was given that name by his uncle.

Ziggy likes Dean’s idea of Zoe and remarks on how effortlessly “Zoe Astoni” is spoken.

Don’t you mean Zoe Thompson?” Dean laughs.

No, I mean Zoe Astoni…” Ziggy replies, deadly serious.

To Dean’s dismay, Ziggy continues to express her opinion that babies taking their father’s surname is an antiquated custom, angry that Dean would make such an assumption.

When Dean’s compromise idea—a hyphenated surname—is similarly rejected, he talks to Mac, who doesn’t understand the fuss because they are half-siblings with different surnames.

However, it is soon apparent why Dean is upset.

Dean explains to Ziggy that while he was growing up in Mangrove River, the absence of a child’s father’s last name could only imply one thing: the child’s father was an absentee deadbeat. He asks if she’ll listen to him out.

Jai, who shares his mother Amber’s (Maddy Jevic) last name, was unknown to him until a few years ago, so it already pains him that people would assume he purposefully avoided his son’s life until this point.

Ziggy admits that she didn’t think of it like that, and eventually agrees that the baby will be named Thompson… on the condition that she gets to choose a less boring first name.

When the baby begins to kick vigorously, it is interpreted as a sign that the mother and child are happy, and when Mac can’t help but touch Ziggy’s belly, she quickly agrees that there is certainly a Thompson inside!

However, as a result of an event that puts their baby’s life in risk, names will soon be the least of their concerns.

The following day, as the two are walking away from Salt, Ziggy pauses to add another name to the list of potential baby names. She stumbles as she turns to continue going, misses the last few steps, and falls on the Surf Club floor.

Dean is horrified as he rushes down to Ziggy’s aid, as she clutches her stomach in pain.

Will Ziggy and Dean’s baby be okay?!

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