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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane’s actions save Cash from the bikies

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Cash is held hostage by Tex and his cronies, it’s on Tane to step in and save the day.

It’s finally time for, what we think will be, the final fight between Death Adder Motorcycle Club gang members and Summer Bay copper Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Since Cash killed the gang’s boss Marty (Ben Wood) during a siege that also resulted in the arrest of the sergeant-in-arms Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), the gang has had a hit out on Him for a number of months.

The bikies finally moved when Lloyd (Oliver Ackland), who was supposed to be Cash, tampered with the brakelines on Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding car, which Cash was supposed to be driving.

But as luck would have it, bridesmaid Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) ended up behind the wheel after Flick stumbled at the last minute, and as a result, she slammed into a gas station and went into a coma.

When Cash discovered that the brakes had been cut intentionally, he quickly realized who was responsible for the sabotage. When Cash and his foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) searched the home, they discovered a large number of listening devices, which explained how the gang had learned about the wedding plans.

Soon after an unannounced visit to Tex in jail, Cash was able to present the taskforce that had been keeping tabs on the bikers with the tangible proof he needed to establish his identity as the person in charge. Colleague Rose (Kirsty Marillier) did this.

Naturally though, after a few hours Cash lost patience and decided it was time to face the group head-on. He told the bikies to specify a time and location to put an end to this by speaking into one of the bugs. What could go wrong, you ask?

The group decides to accept Cash’s generous offer the following week and provide him with an address so they can hook up.

As he makes his way to what might be a final farewell, Cash visits an unconscious Eden after realizing that things might not turn out as he had hoped. Cash tells Rose how much she means to him before trying to leave, but Rose blocks his way out.

Rose points out that the taskforce saw the messages that had been exchanged between Cash and the bikies. The police have organised a raid on the address, and he’s forbidden from joining them.

Cash reluctantly opts to stay at the hospital with Eden, but just in case Cash changes his mind, Rose brings in a police guard to keep an eye on him.

When Rose joins the raid, she sees Lloyd attempting to flee as the squad closes in on several bikers. When she pursues him, she is able to catch up with him, and the cops soon feel extremely proud of themselves for a job well done.

Cash is glad to hear from Rose that it’s finally finished and is eager to return to the Parata home because he feels safe there now.

But, there comes a twist that nobody anticipated (possibly with the exception of everyone watching). Tex has succeeded in breaking out of jail!

Tex is speaking on the phone to his friends from a remote safehouse, telling them to go rescue Cash now that he has let his guard down.

After updating Flick on the terrible events at Salt and assuring him that everything is now finished, Cash turns to leave when he is met by a stranger named George (Govinda Roser), who is eager to show him the revolver he has concealed in his belt. He tells Cash to follow him out of the building and threatens to shoot Flick if he makes the wrong move.

Tane notices Cash and George outside, watches them go into a dark van, and then notices something smells fishy.

At the safehouse, Cash is astonished to come face-to-face with Tex. Apparently all it took to escape the impenetrable walls of the prison was to fake a stomach bug to get taken to hospital.

Happy to finally have Cash exactly where he wants him, he gives the copper some stomach pain of his own to think about, punching him in the gut.

Meanwhile, Tane has followed the van and is witnessing everything, calling the police to inform them of what’s going on.

Cash is compelled to kneel in front of Tex because he is somewhat outnumbered and has no choice but to be lead into the pasture.

Clearly about to become Cash’s executioner, Tex asks Cash if he has any last words…

Yeah… go to hell,” Cash replies succinctly.

Realising that he has no more time to wait for police backup, Tane springs into action, taking down two of the bikies in quick succession with high kicks.

As Tane takes all the remaining gang members on single-handedly, the distraction allows Cash to disarm Tex who makes a run for it.

Cash gives chase and is able to grapple Tex to the ground, just as the police arrive.

Tex warns Cash that he won’t see it coming the next time as he is being carried away.

Cash responds that he’s going to make sure that Tex spends the rest of his life in prison with all the charges he’s facing (anyone want to place a bet?), sounding hopeful that this bust means it’s all over for the third time.

When Cash then picks up a message from Flick—who has critical news regarding Eden from the hospital—his thoughts rapidly shift away.

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