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Home and Away Spoilers – Rose meets her biological father, Samuel

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Rose finally gets to see the guy she thinks is her biological father this week on the Australian television show Home and Away.

Since seeing Mali’s mother Vicky (Ursula Yovich) for the first time and learning how important his aboriginal heritage is to his family, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) has been inquisitive about her biological father.

Rose was thrilled to have Alexander Sr. as her stepfather raise her, but she has always been curious about her real ancestry.

Calling her mother Yvette did not provide much insight, however, since she was reluctant to discuss anything. Although without using any police databases, Cash pointed out that Rose may use her own investigative talents to try to find her father by treating the situation like any other case.

Rose searched through old alumni photos because the only information she had was that her mother left university after learning she was pregnant. When she eventually found a picture of her mother participating in the university’s theatre group, it seemed like she had struck gold.

Rose soon reasoned that the man must be her father because there was only one other black man in the other theatre group images (this may have been a bit of a stretch considering that there were students from the entire University present, but let’s go with it).

The only problem was that Samuel Edwards, played by Bert LaBonté, was actually the senior lecturer in charge of the group.

Xander (Luke Van Os), Rose’s half-brother, was originally worried about Rose’s desire to locate her biological father since he believed that it seemed as though his own father wasn’t sufficient for her and was concerned that she would upset their mother.

Even while he eventually assured Rose that he would support her in her desire to learn more about her ancestry, he was still uneasy in private.

Samuel was born in South Africa, Rose learned when she conducted some, ahem…”unofficial” research on the police databases. In addition, he was married to another person at the time Rose would have been born.

After hearing Samuel’s name, Yvette hung up on Rose, which only fueled her suspicions, Rose drove to Samuel’s residence last week.

Even though she was unable to knock on the door at the time, Rose makes the decision this week to go back and discover the truth.

Uncertain of Samuel’s answer, Rose draughts a letter and drops it in his mailbox. He might flatly reject her if he’s still married to the wife with whom he cheated, as Rose wondered last week.

But when he calls Rose to say he’d like to meet her that day, Samuel is quick to react, according to TV Week!

Rose is wary as she approaches Samuel’s house since she doesn’t know what to anticipate from him and doesn’t want to get harmed. Samuel even questions Rose’s hostility.

Rose is bursting with questions and can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t engaged with her.

When Samuel later admits that he was unaware of Rose’s existence and that he was unaware that Yvette was pregnant when she dropped out of university, Rose is taken aback.

Samuel explains that in order to make up for the past 27 or so years, he would very much like to get to know her now.

Is Rose about to experience the wonderful result she had hoped for?

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