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Home and Away Spoilers – Panic for Dean as Ziggy goes missing

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The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Dean begins a desperate hunt when Ziggy goes missing, while Justin is caught off guard by an unexpected visitor.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who gave birth to Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) daughter two weeks ago, has struggled to develop the maternal confidence she had hoped would come easily.

While Dean’s mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) had been extremely helpful in the days following the delivery, she also noticed that Ziggy was having trouble connecting with her daughter and advised Dean to keep an eye on her.

Ziggy’s continued inability to settle the infant led Karen to believe her daughter despised her after she made the choice to leave to force Ziggy to get her bearings.

Next week, when the action picks back up, Dean tries to persuade Ziggy that this isn’t the case, but she feels like a failure as a mother. An exhausted Ziggy takes a hot bath, and Dean steps in, asking her if she’ll be alright for a little while while he dashes into Yabbie Creek.

The baby begins to cry again as soon as Dean exits the room, which confirms Ziggy’s belief that the infant only desires Dean. Ziggy, who is dejected, begs for the crying to cease as she glares at the baby monitor.

While Ziggy is sleeping, Dean has talked to the midwife, who has advised him to purchase a breast pump so he can feed the infant through the night. He has a variety of options but is unsure which is best, so he goes to Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to seek her opinion. She wouldn’t have the foggiest, says Mac, so maybe he should have brought Ziggy along.

Although Ziggy appreciates the effort Dean made, she still has trouble getting the infant to feed after expressing half a bottle; Dean, much to Ziggy’s dismay, succeeds right away.

Later on that day, Dean exits the bathroom to discover Ziggy has abandoned the infant and vanished!

She isn’t answering her phone as he desperately attempts to reach her. He asks Justin (James Stewart) if he’s seen her as they enter the town, but Justin responds that Dean must have the vehicle so Ziggy probably hadn’t gone anywhere.

Dean claims that he has spoken to the residents and driven up and down the street several times but has not seen her.

Irene (Lynne McGranger), Roo (Georgie Parker), and Marilyn (Emily Symons) volunteer to watch the child at the diner while Dean continues his search. He quickly enlists Mali (Kyle Shilling), Rose (Kirsty Marillier), and Alf (Ray Meagher) in the search.

When Justin finally goes to the garage to unlock it, he discovers Ziggy asleep inside one of the vehicles!

While making a call to Dean to update him, Justin allows Ziggy rest.

Ziggy is shocked to discover that she’s been awake for several hours when Dean wakes her up because she was so exhausted that it seemed like only ten minutes.

She apologises for frightening him and says that she simply needed a pause.

Irene takes Ziggy for a stroll and gives him some advice when the two go back to the diner to get the child. Irene reassures Ziggy that all she needs to do is follow her instincts and things will start to fall into place as she frets about failing as a mother.

Ziggy realises that what she’s feeling is completely normal after their brief conversation, which seems to be just what she needed.

Now that Ziggy is feeling better, she and Dean go back to their house, where Ziggy reveals that she has at last thought of the ideal moniker for their daughter.

Izzy, or Isabella Astoni-Thompson.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who had surgery recently, is relieved to learn that she is now healthy enough to travel to Cyprus to see her grandson Luc and son VJ (Matt Little).

Leah recently received a message from VJ asking for advice on how to prepare for Luc’s impending birthday. Leah and fellow grandmother Irene find it hard to comprehend that little Luc is about to turn five years old.

(We were astounded by it as well, given that Luc was born on-screen in 2017 six years ago.)

Ziggy being on maternity leave and Justin having band business to attend to prevent him from travelling with Leah to Cyprus, but Leah will make sure to stock the fridge so that he and Theo (Matt Evans) won’t have to depend on takeout (we’ll see about that one!).

We won’t go into specifics, but Justin and Leah make the most of their final night together before he drives her to the airport. But Justin is unaware that a sudden visitor will be increasing his burden.

Later on in the week, Theo welcomes a small girl (Annabel Wolfe) to the garage. Theo has never encountered this girl, but Justin recognises her right away and sprints over—it’s his daughter Ava!

After Justin and his siblings were compelled to enter witness protection, Ava spent the majority of her childhood growing up with her now-ex-stepfather Brian (Tom O’Sullivan) as a father figure. Ava now resides in the city with her mother Nina (Zoe Naylor).

Ava didn’t see Justin again until 2016, and since then, her trips to Summer Bay have only been characterised as tumultuous. Ava has been struck by a car and kidnapped on separate occasions, and Justin has had to repeatedly introduce his most recent partner to her (Leah is the fourth). She was last seen visiting Justin as part of a ruse by Tori (Penny McNamee) to persuade him to have spinal surgery to remove a tumour.

Grace Thomas (left) and Alice Roberts were the previous actresses to portray Ava, and Annabel Wolfe is the most recent. (centre).

Ava says she had a big fight with Nina and asks if she can remain for a while as Justin introduces her to Theo, who she seems to like.

After hearing the entire account from Nina, Justin learns that Ava had been talking to a guy online when Nina attempted to take away her phone. Ava is told by Justin that she shouldn’t have fled, but he allows her to remain.

Everyone gathers in Salt to help set up for Lyrik, who are currently performing as a pair without Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

Ava is already a fan and eager to see the band live. Prior to their performance, she asks Justin to snap a picture of her with Theo and Kirby. (Angelina Thomson).

Ava records the entire performance, paying close attention to Theo, and we begin to question if she may have other reasons for seeing her father.

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