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Home and Away Spoilers – Magic Mali rocks Xander’s world

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Mali’s metamorphosis into “Magic Mali” rescues a hen’s night and Xander’s reputation on Home and Away in the UK the next week. But can he hide his alter personality from Rose?

Next week, when the bartender has to plan a hen’s night at Salt while Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) are away, Xander (Luke Van Os) gets thrown into the deep end.

Mac is presently travelling with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) in Queensland to assist with baby Izzy’s care while Ziggy participates in a professional surfing circuit. Last week, Xander had to put in a lot of effort to convince Mac that she could rely on him to take care of things.

Next week, Xander is forced to fill in as manager since Salt’s co-owner Flick also decides to take an impromptu few days leave.

Xander is having fun being his own boss up until the second day, when he receives a text from Mac asking whether everything is set for tonight’s event.

Then, realising he missed an email from Mac the week before confirming a reservation for a hen’s night, his blood turns cold. He ought to have planned the food, drinks, and music; there’s no way he could have done it in time.

As soon as possible, Xander calls Flick and suggests that it could be a good idea for one of the owners to be present for such an event. Reluctantly, Flick hangs up, certain that Xander has everything under control.

It amuses Mali (Kyle Shilling) the most when Xander starts to freak out. However, he does manage to uncover one possible resolution when he spots Remi (Adam Rowland) performing on the balcony.

Xander asks Remi and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) if they would be willing to provide music for the evening, and they accept the offer of $200 in exchange for supper and drinks.

Upon Ally’s (Zoe Ioannou) subsequent arrival, the maid of honour objects to the corporately awkward dining table that Xander has arranged for the ten guests.

Disappointed to see Eden and Remi occupying a corner of the space, Ally informs Xander that she had asked for pink décor and a DJ capable of hosting karaoke for the bridal party. The future bride will be furious!

Eden and Remi are sent home, but they choose to come back to Salt in exchange for payment after having to postpone their busking session until the last minute.

In the end, Xander consents to give them two free drinks apiece, but that’s the least of his concerns because the hen’s party is slowly winding down.

Ally acknowledges that the food and beverages were pleasant, but neither was what she had requested. To make it memorable for the soon-to-be bride (Marcia Coronado), reservations were made in advance, but Salt has fallen short of expectations.

When Ally demands their money back, Xander is devastated and retreats to the balcony to celebrate his defeat. But Mali has a strategy.

Mali enters the party by undoing the buttons on his top shirt and playing some boisterous music. “I have heard that a special lady is getting hitched.” As a captivated Ally directs him to the soon-to-be bride, Mali asks.

Mali asks her to dance and extends his hand, putting on a graceful show for the excited women who join them on the dance floor.

Xander, Remi, and Eden are astonished to see Ally dash towards the bar. She shouts, “You kept him up your sleeve didn’t you?” Everything seems to have been forgotten since the arrival of the attractive man.

Thankful for the magic he performed the previous evening, Xander cries out the following day as he sees Mali coming. Mali gently requests that he keep it low, hoping that he would ask for someone’s help in keeping it quiet in the eyes of his girlfriend Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

Xander tells Mali that Mac has already received some excellent feedback from Ally, and he also notes that his sister is a human lie detector.

Now that Mac knows what transpired, Mali realises he will never be able to live it down at the farmhouse.

Is Mali really going to be able to hide it from Rose since the whole gang was also taping his dance moves?Or is Magic Mali set to become Summer Bay’s next big viral sensation?

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