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Home and Away spoilers: Mackenzie Booth confronts her ex-fiance Gabe!

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On Home and Away (1:45pm – check our TV Guide for listings), Mackenzie Booth (played by Emily Weir) is knocked off her feet by the sudden appearance of Gabe Miller (guest actor Akos Armont).

In Summer Bay, WHAT is Gabe doing?

Given how their relationship ended, Mackenzie, the manager of a restaurant and pub, almost never wants to see him.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor), Mackenzie’s brother, assists Mackenzie in getting rid of Gabe.

Dean is shocked to learn that Gabriel is the man Dean thought she was going to marry.

Gabe, though, won’t leave the city until he has an opportunity to meet with Mackenzie in person.

Now overcome with regret, Gabe is prepared to share the TRUTH about why he later wrote Mackenzie a writ of divorce and abandoned their wedding plans.

How will Mackenzie respond if she hears Gabe’s heartbreaking tale?

Is Stacey Collingwood, Xander Delaney’s (Luke Van Os) girlfriend, about to be scared away once more?

Xander, a paramedic, and Stacey have only recently consented to pursue a monogamous relationship.

Also, he recently asked her to move in with him!

It’s obvious that Stacey is alarmed that Xander is becoming too serious, too quickly.

Will Xander simply wreck their relationship as he attempts to convince Stacey to change her mind?

The Horrific wedding day car incident has left Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) in a critical condition in the hospital, and Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) is worried about her.

Cash wishes he had informed Eden sooner how he truly feels about her.

Copper Cash, however, is worried, but when the crash investigation report is received, it shows that the wedding truck’s brakes were purposefully damaged, he becomes enraged.

Who in the world would harbour resentment towards his sister, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), and Eden?

When Cash finally realises it,

Originally scheduled to transport Felicity to the wedding, he was obviously the designated victim.

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