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Home and Away Spoilers – Logan falls apart as he and Mackenzie split

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Xander is Logan’s only chance as his life falls apart around him, while Dean is the centre of attention as the investigation into PK’s death gets underway.

It’s not a major surprise if Peter “PK” King’s (Ryan Johnson) dead body washes up on the beach because he managed to incite the wrath of a number of individuals in Summer Bay during the past few weeks.

The grisly discovery was made by Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) last week, and when neighbourhood cop Rose (Kirsty Marillier) examined the deceased’s driver’s licence, it didn’t take her long to notice the initials and draw the connection to the enigmatic person Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) had mentioned.

As this week’s inquiry gets underway, it becomes clear from PK’s body that he had been beaten just before dying, which happened a few days or a week before he was dumped on the shore.

Of course, the last time we saw PK alive, he was being carried by Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) River Boy friends into the trunk of a car. Dean was unconcerned when PK warned him that he would regret what he had done.

What happened next is unknown, but when Dean arrived back to the farmhouse, his knuckles were bloodied and bruised. Given that the guys had intended to pursue PK, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was understandably worried, but Dean steadfastly refused to let her know anything.

After Tane (Ethan Browne) was stabbed during an armed robbery, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) confesses that she is terrified of PK or his friends returning to Salt. This just adds to Dean’s cryptic remarks. Dean assures her that PK is “fixed it,” so she won’t need to worry about him again.

Rose and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) go to the Parata house to talk to Flick in order to gather information. Flick is forced to act quickly by telling them that Mac was in debt and that PK had paid off a significant portion of it. Logan, Mac’s boyfriend, who has been kept in the dark about the nature of her issues until now, is also present and is speechless by what he is hearing (Harley Bonner).

When Rose and Cash leave, Logan presses Flick for information. Angry at Mac, she admits to him that she almost had a sexual encounter with PK to make good on her ‘debt’ to him.

As a result of Mac’s admission that she ran unauthorised poker evenings at Salt, Logan and Mac’s relationship is already in danger. Only after Tane’s stabbing, when they had to call on Logan rather than an ambulance to avoid drawing police notice, was her hand forced.

By staying at the Paratas to keep an eye on Tane, Logan had created some distance between himself and Mac in response to the difficult predicament that Mac had put him in.

Despite Mac’s insistence that she promptly shut it down out of her love for him, Logan approaches her and informs her that he knows the truth about what happened between her and PK.

Between them, it’s finished forever!

While questioned, PK’s friend Nathan (Ryan Panizza) is eager to say that the last time he saw PK was when he and Dean were arguing.

Later, Nathan finds a wrench in some bushes along the beach. and quietly observes Dean getting out of Ziggy’s car in front of the surf club. What is he doing?

Dean maintains the marks on his knuckles were caused by surfing, but Rose and Cash spot them when they drag him inside for questioning. Although Ziggy is able to give Dean an alibi by claiming that they were both at home, Rose and Cash both concur that she seemed twitchy and have their concerns.

Later, Rose learns from the coroner, who can confirm that blunt head trauma—possibly with a wrench—was the cause of death.

It is sufficient to obtain a search warrant for the farmhouse once Rose and Cash are able to refute Dean’s alibi in the future. To Dean’s horror, when they are shown to Ziggy’s car outside the surf club, they discover a bloody wrench that has appeared in the boot!

When Dean is brought back into the police station for questioning, he pleads ignorance and, although he eventually confesses to beating up PK, he insists that he was still alive when they left him.

But things aren’t looking good because of Dean’s prior convictions, which are on record, and further witnesses who support the account of his and PK fighting.

Logan is clearly struggling with the events of the previous week, and things only get worse when he is called into the police station to face formal charges of hazardous driving causing death.

Given that he was told he was speeding at the time of the collision with Millie, Logan was aware that it was a possibility (Zara Zoe). Jo, Millie’s best friend, was killed in the collision, but because Millie and Logan were both suffering from memory loss, the authorities were left with little further information to utilise in determining what caused it.

Logan is unaware that Millie’s recollection of the accident came back to her last week after she had gotten a text message and looked down at her phone while driving.

She told Xander (Luke Van Os) about it, but she was afraid of losing everything if she went to the police.

In response to Xander’s threat to call the police himself, Millie utilised her legal expertise to do some research and discovered that Xander had already been issued an AVO. By threatening to accuse him of stalking her if he revealed the accident, she used this as leverage against Xander.

This week, Xander tells Jasmine (Sam Frost) the truth about Millie’s demand. He reveals that the previous AVO resulted from his falling in love with a woman who pretended to be fleeing an abusive boyfriend but was really simply trying to make Xander envious.

Even after learning that Logan has been charged and meeting Xander again later in the week, Millie is still determined to let Logan off the hook.

She shouts at Xander to stop bothering her in the middle of the surf club as he attempts to convince her to see reason. She has Xander where she wants him with Roo (Georgie Parker) and others as witnesses.

In the end, Xander realises what must be done, even if it means risking his own career, and heads to the police station to submit some fresh information regarding the collision.

When Logan is at his lowest moment yet, he crashes inside the surf club while screaming for Mac. Can Xander deliver for him?

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