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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah holds Justin at knifepoint

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Leah threatens Justin with a knife in the diner the following week on Home and Away in the UK, and Flick has to apologize to Cash.

Next week, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) will confront Justin (James Stewart) at the diner with a knife, marking the start of a dramatic conclusion to her fight with sleep deprivation!

Leah’s paranoia has gotten worse in recent episodes to the point where she thinks Justin works for Vita Nova, the cult that abandoned them in an abandoned warehouse and caused Leah’s trauma.

Leah believed she heard Justin on the phone promising to “fix her,” then she uttered Vita Nova’s catchphrase, “The end is near,” thinking her mind was playing tricks on her.

In an attempt to get away from Justin, Leah ran home and began packing some clothes in a suitcase.

Next week, when we get back to the Morgan residence, Leah is surprised to see Justin again. Leah quickly hides her case, nervously trying to appear normal in front of Justin by offering to make lunch.

Leah is relieved to see Theo, and as soon as Justin leaves the house, she tells Theo that they should head out right away because Justin works for Vita Nova and puts them in danger!

A bewildered While Leah carries on packing, Theo makes futile attempts to ease her anxiety. Leah gives in to his attempts to persuade her that she doesn’t have to flee. She suggests that they go straight to the police instead.

Leah abruptly tells a dumbfounded Rose (Kirsty Marillier) that she has to go arrest Justin after making the short hop over to Yabbie Creek.

Leah is ushered into the interview room by Rose, who then speaks quietly with Theo. Thankfully, Rose clarifies that Leah actually needs to be speaking with a doctor, so Theo’s assurances that her accusations are unfounded are unnecessary.

In an attempt to persuade Leah to change her ways, Justin is called to the station, but this just makes her more paranoid.

Leah’s mind fills in the blanks as she watches Justin and Rose converse through the interview room window.

Justin says menacingly to Rose, “We can’t have her knowing; she has to be dealt with.”

“Relax,” Rose ostensibly responds. “We now possess her. The end is not far off.

Rose informs Justin that after speaking with the hospital, their only chance of getting Leah to see the mental health team right now is if they can persuade her to go willingly.

Leah, however, feels that Rose, Justin, and Theo have betrayed her and runs out of the room as they all try to convince her to visit the hospital.

Leah immediately goes to the diner, where she meets Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Irene (Lynne McGranger). She offers to close up and composes herself before the two leave for home.

Leah barricades herself in after making sure all is well by locking and bolting the doors and moving the tables and chairs.

Later, when Justin calls to check on her, he notices the furniture piled up and asks Leah to let him in.

In an attempt to dissuade her, Justin prods the door open with a nearby plant stake. Despite the bolts being outdated, he succeeds in forcing his way inside and is confronted by Leah, who is now threatening him with a knife.

Not far behind, Theo enters the tense standoff and begs his aunt to put down the knife.

Theo surreptitiously texts Juliet Godwin’s character, Bree, for assistance as Leah declares that she will not be taken to Vita Nova without a fight.

When Bree does show up, she tells Theo to be prepared to dial 000 if things don’t go according to plan.

Will Bree be able to persuade Leah that Justin is not after her, or will she need outside assistance?

Meanwhile, when Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) discovers that Tane (Ethan Browne) is still hanging out with Harper (Jessica Redmayne), her green-eyed monster takes over once more.

Harper was ready to comply with Flick’s warning to back off after she caught the two chatting last week, but Tane told her he could handle things with a friend and that he wouldn’t allow Flick rule his life.

One obstacle is cleared the following week when Flick and his brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) find out that their application to take over the house’s lease has been accepted, following Tane’s rejection the week before.

Cash breaks the good news to Flick, but she’s preoccupied with watching Tane work out on the beach for his most recent session.

Harper feels uneasy when she sees Flick go, and she advises them to stay away from Salt when Tane suggests they grab coffee.

They head to the coffee cart instead, and Tane doesn’t think it’s fair that Harper has to walk carefully around the bay.

Cash is interested in learning more about the relationship between his sister and his former friend after witnessing Flick’s earlier reaction upon seeing Harper. However, Cash becomes enraged when Harper informs him about Flick’s outburst towards her.

He approaches Flick and tells her to apologize to Harper. Flick declines, certain that Harper is one of the many women Tane has been having affairs with recently as a result of their failed marriage.

Flick merely tells her big brother to butt out, despite Cash’s firm reminder that even if she was, it is no longer her business with whomever Tane sleeps with.

Overhearing the conversation, Remi (Adam Rowland) bites back when he later hears Flick and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) complaining about Cash telling them what to do.

Remi notes that Cash is clearly more concerned about them than he is about himself, and that he is killing himself trying to save them both while Eden copes with the unexpected return of brother Levi (Tristan Gorey).

It makes Flick pause for thought, and it appears that an apology may be forthcoming.

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