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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah and Justin’s relationship on the line

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A new Home and Away promo shows that Leah and Justin’s relationship is on the rocks, while Rose embarrasses herself in front of Mali, and Marilyn has bitten off more than she can chew with her new business.

Following Thursday’s episode in Australia, a brand-new trailer with the tagline “Come Home to Australia’s Favorite Place” debuted. It shows the turmoil that our favorite characters will experience in the coming days.

Interspersed with lots of shots from weeks go by, the promo’s new content begins with Mali’s (Kyle Shilling) relaunch of Ben’s Boards.

Since Dean (Patrick O’Connor) left, the newcomer, who was originally Dean’s board shaper, has taken over the business and renamed it Manta Ray Boards after Mantaray Point, where he and his family are from.

Mali organizes a celebration outside the club with speakers, balloons, and a display of boards, and John, the manager of the Surf Club (Shane Withington), appears to be surprised by the scope of the launch.

“You went big, huh?” John shouts as he sticks a finger in his ear and tries to make himself heard over the music.

“Go big or go home,” Mali responds.

Despite the growing connection between Mali and John, it appears that John may not have been too happy with Mali’s launch party.

According to spoilers for the episodes airing next Thursday, “Mali’s makeover makes John envious,” but Mali is obviously eager to set things right because another spoiler claims that “Mali takes pity on John.”

Does John have any additional thoughts? In the episode that airs on Wednesday, “Marilyn falsely accuses John” of something that is probably connected to her new endeavor, selling cosmetics.

Speaking of Marilyn, she has a terrible week coming up as more of her doomed cosmetics arrive in Summer Bay. She viewed the sale of cosmetics as a quick method to get rich, enabling her to assist John in covering the cost of their adopted son Jett’s (Will McDonald) wedding.

A mix-up led to Maz ordering many more Stunning Organics products than she’d planned to, and it was announced earlier this week that the boxes will continue to arrive every week. She has an uphill battle if she’s to sell them and avoid making a huge loss.

In the trailer, Maz can be seen sighing as she surveys the enormous mound of boxes in Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) living room. The spoiler for next Tuesday, “Marilyn’s in hot water with Irene,” would most likely make sense in that case.

How will Irene react when she learns that not only has Maz taken over the diner whilst trying to shift her goods, but she’s taken over her house as well?

“I’m trapped,” Maz tells Kirby (Angelina Thomson) at the diner.

In another scene, the boxes (or perhaps different ones!) are now piled up on the table at Summer Bay House.

Alf reassures Marilyn: “you’ve got through a lot worse than this and you didn’t give up. Don’t start now.”

Despite Justin escaping a jail term for beating the guy he thought had attacked his daughter Ava, Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) face their own challenges. (Annabel Wolfe).

In recent episodes, Justin appeared in court following his arrest and accusation of assault causing great bodily harm.

Justin had been preparing for the possibility of spending time in jail because the charge held the potential for jail time, including making plans to close the garage and give up the lease.

In the end, Justin was given a community sentence of 500 hours and a mandatory anger management course. It’s a huge relief, even if 500 hours of community service will be a lot to juggle alongside his already busy schedule of running the garage and managing Lyrik.    

Yet his problems are far from over. Next week he begins his anger management course, but it doesn’t go well.

Next Wednesday, spoilers tell us that “Justin’s counselling is off to a fiery start.”

Thankfully, on Thursday, in the first of a triple-bill, “Justin makes a breakthrough.”

However, in the second of Thursday’s episodes, spoilers ask “Are Justin’s anger issues the last straw for Leah?”

The new promo shows Justin and Leah chatting outside Salt. Leah tells Justin, “you might be ready to give up on yourself, but I’m not.”

Yet is Leah really that committed, or are Justin’s anger issues about to put an end to their relationship?

In the next shot, we see Leah say “if you don’t sort this out, I don’t know what it means for us.”

Will the threat of losing Leah be enough to convince Justin to sort his issues?

Finally, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) faces humiliation after misinterpreting an ex-girlfriend’s gesture. At the beach, when they reunite, Mali jokingly asks Rose if she misses him.

When Rose refused to stay by brother Xander’s (Luke Van Os) bedside after he was battered in an ambush by a group of guys who were wanting the drugs in his and colleague Jamie’s (Hugo Liu) ambulance, the pair’s brief romance came to an end.

Mali was not pleased that Rose had left her brother alone in the hsoptial and, thinking her priorities weren’t the correct ones, ended things. Rose went to find the guys who had carried out the attack.

After Mali’s flirty gesture on the beach, Rose is optimistic about their future together.

“Yeah, I guess I do,” is her response when Mali asks if he missed her, and we then see her leaning in for a kiss, before Mali reacts with shock and pulls away with a gasp of “woah!”

We then see Rose talking to someone in Salt, telling them “I feel so humiliated” before laying her head on the table.

Is there a way forward for the pair?

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