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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin’s daughter revealed as Theo’s stalker

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Theo’s enigmatic superfan’s identity will ultimately be revealed on Home and Away in the UK the following week, and it’s someone very close to you!

Ava (Annabel Wolfe) is now readjusting to life in the bay after surprising her father Justin with a visit. (James Stewart).

Justin decided to let Ava stay for a bit after finding out that the 16-year-old had a falling out with her mother Nina (Zoe Naylor) at home in the city.

Ava was happy because it meant she could stay for Lyrik’s performance at Salt; it turns out she’s a fan and has developed feelings for one inhabitant of the Morgan House in particular.

The following week, Ava continues to quiz Theo (Matt Evans) about the songs of the band while they hang out with Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Theo’s girlfriend.

Theo is quick to note out that he co-wrote Lyrik’s smash song “Someone Like You” with Kirby, the group’s true writing prodigy, when Ava inquires about his sources of inspiration.

Ava can’t help but appear dissatisfied because it appears the song’s allure has suddenly faded.

Well, without a performer like yourself, lyrics are nothing.


When the two are alone, Kirby makes fun of Theo for having a crush on him because he can’t help but be delighted by the trick played on her.

Justin is trying to spend time with his daughter, but it’s not working out too well. Even though Ava insisted she wanted to be with him, it doesn’t appear like she wants to be around him, especially when he brings up the reason she ran away from home.

Justin tries to find out more about this online boyfriend that Nina is so concerned about, but Ava ignores him and won’t discuss it.

Ava withdraws into the restroom as the two make their way home and retrieves a well-known scrapbook from her bag.

And then it dawns on us that Ava is really I Love Theo’s online stalker!

To sum up, Theo has been contacting the band via their social media accounts for several weeks, her messages to Theo have taken on an almost compulsive quality.

Further worries surfaced when the fan sent a framed piece of art to the garage through courier, and Kirby wondered how they would know to send it there.

They felt a little more at ease after realising that “Summer Bay Auto” is painted on the band’s van as a sponsor. Theo decided it would be impolite not to send a thank you note along with a photo of him posing with the artwork.

The admirer, who we now recognise as Ava, then promptly printed off the image and adhered it to her scrapbook.

That happened about a month ago, and since then Theo has been frightened enough to finally block the strange fan after receiving another delivery of doughnuts, this time to the house.

We wonder what Ava’s goals are now that she is staying with her idol as she covers Kirby in the band photo she had with them taken during the concert.

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