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Home and Away Spoilers – Fireworks as Justin accuses Ziggy of baby brain

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree is taken aback by Jacob’s next move while Justin’s attempts to win Ziggy back severely backfire.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who recently told her boss Justin (James Stewart) about her pregnancy with Dean (Patrick Thompson), is keen to keep up with her work, especially after being promoted to manager at the garage. However, it appears that her approach is likely to backfire.

When Justin asks Ziggy to take care of the garage so he can visit Alf (Ray Meagher), Ziggy responds that he is welcome to take the entire day off.

Ziggy suddenly collapses in pain as she prepares to leave the house that morning. As soon as Dean calls for an ambulance, Xander (Luke Van Os) shows up to assess the situation.

He doesn’t think her pain is serious at this point, but he does give her the option of being brought to the hospital if she needs additional assurance.

Dean urges that Ziggy have a medical examination because he believes it is important to avoid any risks.

Justin is perplexed when he receives a call from a disgruntled client who claims that when they arrived to drop off their car at the scheduled time, the garage was closed. What is going on with Ziggy?

Returning to the farmhouse with Dean, Ziggy is happy to find that the agony was only caused by muscle cramps, but soon breaks down as the reality of what it could have been dawns on her.

Ziggy is able to gather herself, and when a worried Justin later calls while Dean is away, she questions why he is so worried about her welfare.

She’s alright, Ziggy tells him. But when Justin asks why she didn’t come up to open the garage like she promised, or even answer her phone, her face falls.

She still can’t bring herself to tell Justin that it was because of a pregnancy scare, despite him telling her that it isn’t good enough.

Ziggy argues that it was just a case of forgetting, despite Justin’s conviction that there must be more to it and his gentle inquiry into what is actually happening.

Ziggy snaps back that he hasn’t been quite on the ball lately, alluding to his difficult start as Lyrik’s new manager, as Justin angrily asks whether he should inform his clients that his new manager has “baby brain.”

When Dean returns home and discovers the two arguing, Justin tells Ziggy not to bother opening the garage right away since he’ll go handle the situation by himself.

When Justin relates the situation to Leah (Ada Nicodemou), she acknowledges that it doesn’t sound like Ziggy but again mentions the transitional difficulties he experienced when he recently started a new job. Later, she reprimands him for implying that Ziggy has “baby brain,” pointing out that it can be seen as bias.

Meanwhile, Dean finds it incomprehensible why Ziggy won’t tell Justin the truth—he is certain to understand. However, Ziggy is adamant that she must not allow it to appear that the pregnancy is impeding her ability to perform her job.

Although Dean grudgingly agrees to remain silent, this situation cannot last indefinitely.

The following morning Justin calls to apologise to Ziggy, but after realising he’s put her under too much stress, he also tells her that her hours are going down.

When Justin realises that his attempt at a compromise has disastrously failed, Ziggy views it as a major insult.

Bree’s (Juliet Godwin) plan to flee her violent husband Jacob (Alex Williams) is jeopardised when he makes a surprise announcement somewhere in the bay.

Bree urged Remi (Adam Rowland), a new friend, to ignore the abuse after learning about it, but he can’t help but notice the couple acting overly affectionate on the beach.

Later, back at the motel, Bree protests against Jacob trying to push her into bed because she feels uneasy as he licks her neck.

Bree admonishes Jacob sternly, saying they must discuss their future because things are getting so stressful every time he returns from a business trip, that she can’t go on living this way.

Bree makes it apparent that it’s because of his physical abuse and controlling behaviour, despite Jacob’s suggestion that it’s just because she’s too accustomed to being by herself.

While Bree wonders if Jacob really cares about her, he drags her into an embrace while pretending that he only goes too far because he loves her.

The following day, Bree informs Remi that she is doing good and that Jacob will likely start a new job sooner than anticipated. She can focus on the next step once Jacob has left.

Bree is taken aback when Jacob subsequently informs her that he won’t be returning to Washington after all and will instead quit and remain in Summer Bay with her.

How is Bree going to escape this?

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