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Home and Away Spoilers – Detective Madden attempts to kill Dana

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Dana’s location will be made public on Home and Away in the UK the following week, as Detective Madden gets ready to kill her.

Next week, Dana (Ally Harris) will be battling for her life as the devious Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) carries out his sinister scheme to destroy the young nurse by framing her for prescription medication theft.

After a prolonged period of evasion, Dana ultimately surrendered to Madden and his equally dubious accomplice Detective Fletcher (James Biasetto) to preserve her sister. This was when the two came back to the Beach House bearing an arrest warrant for Harper (Jessica Redmayne) on the grounds of impeding a police investigation.

But when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Irene (Lynne McGranger), and Harper raced to the Yabbie Creek Police Station, none of the cops knew where Dana, Madden, or Fletcher had disappeared to.

The three of us know something is wrong, so when we return to the scene next week, we are all anxious to hear anything new about Dana.

Cash speculates that Madden might have brought Dana back to the city, but when he reaches out to the local area command, he finds out that Madden has informed them that a country police officer is meddling in the case.

Cash is shut down as a result, and they decline to respond to his enquiries.

As anticipated, Madden and Fletcher have kidnapped a scared Dana, who is currently restrained to a chair in an abandoned shed. But it’s not just any shed—rather, it’s the former residence of a dealer that Dana was acquainted with when she was first accused of possessing it.

Madden reveals his strategy to patch Dana up as having gone back to her old ways when times got rough, even though she has subsequently turned her life around. He knows the mud will cling.

With the unsettling directive, “Don’t make a move until I establish my alibi,” Madden leaves Fletcher to take care of Dana, knowing he has to return to the station before too many people start questioning him.

Back at the station, Harper wants to know where her sister is, so Madden tells the on-duty police to send out a search party.

Cash asks Harper the same question again, and Madden tells her that he could still catch her. Cash doesn’t buy Madden’s story that Dana fled while he was changing a flat tyre for a minute.

Reminding Cash that he doesn’t report to a Senior Constable assuages his suspicion. When Cash responds that he knows he’s dirty, Detective Madden removes Cash from the case completely.

While Rose (Kirsty Marillier) subtly informs Cash that she concurs with him, Madden covertly texts Fletcher instructing him to assassinate Dana immediately.

Fletcher then takes out a syringe and some gloves from his suitcase, which horrifies Dana. The idea is to make it appear as though Dana committed suicide, so he releases her handcuffs and gives her instructions to write a note to Harper.

Seeing his chance, Dana kicks Fletcher in the groyne and then slams a chair over his head. Even though Fletcher is dead, she is still confined because the door is still locked.

When Madden returns to the station, Cash orders the search of the area, even though he is fully aware that it will be pointless and that Madden is probably purposefully leading the cops in the wrong way.

Cash finds everything falling into place when Madden notices his tie and inquires as to whether he needs to be somewhere important. Madden took action before the anti-corruption squad began their investigation because he learned that Cash was scheduled to meet with them today.

Dana uses Fletcher’s phone at the shed to call Harper, but Fletcher awakens up as the call is being sent. Harper hears Dana’s muffled screams before he takes the phone away from her, but she is unable to say anything.

Dana is aware that she is back at the beginning, but at least she was able to gain some time by making a traceable call.

Harper notifies Cash and Rose, who promptly file a trace request after observing that Madden appears to have vanished.

Madden storms back to the shed, enraged that Fletcher hasn’t yet given the lethal dose and that Dana was able to obtain a phone. Madden concludes he will have to handle this on his own when Fletcher makes it clear he didn’t sign up for this.

While Madden boasts that nothing will be able to be put against him—after all, he’s injecting her with the same medicine that she was falsely accused of stealing—Dana begs him.

After injecting the syringe into Dana’s arm, Madden begins carving a message into the table on her behalf, leaving her defenceless.

Madden hears approaching sirens as he lays a motionless Dana on the ground and holds a syringe in her hand.

When Rose and Cash arrive at the shed, Madden is already feigning CPR and saying that Dana wasn’t conscious when he discovered her. Rose complains that she doesn’t feel her pulse, and Cash tells Madden to leave her alone.

Upon her arrival, paramedic Jo (Katie Horky) attempts to reverse the overdose by administering medication, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Is it too late to spare Dana from this?

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