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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash goes rogue and visits Tex in prison

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In the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK, Cash decides to visit Tex in jail after growing frustrated with the taskforce’s lack of progress. However, has he only made matters worse for himself?

The effects of this week’s shocking events will still be felt in Summer Bay the following week as Cash hunts down those accountable.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who was driving Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) to her wedding to Tane, was involved in a terrible automobile accident that has left her in a coma (Ethan Browne). After bikie gang member Lloyd (Oliver Ackland) messed with the brakes, Eden was unable to stop in time, accidentally running Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) off the road before the ute careered into a gas station.

Eden was instantly struck unconscious and hasn’t awakened, while Flick later got trapped in the burning ute. Tane was able to save his future wife, and they both only sustained relatively slight wounds.

Dr. Patel (Karen Pang) informed Cash that Eden might not awaken after being taken to Northern Districts for emergency surgery.

Cash was eager to blame Justin for the collision because he had been in charge of getting the old ute roadworthy, but he was taken aback when his sergeant revealed that the ute’s brakelines had been intentionally cut.

Cash realized that he was the true target of this attack as a result of the bounty that the bikies had placed on his head after the siege last year, during which he killed their leader Marty (Ben Wood).

The brakes could only have been cut the night before the wedding, so Cash’s foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) emphasized this point, but it was still unclear how the bikies came to know about the ute or that Cash was meant to be the one operating it that day.

The brakes could only have been cut the night before the wedding, so Cash’s foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) emphasized this point, but it was still unclear how the bikies came to know about the ute or that Cash was meant to be the one operating it that day.

Cash vowed to an unconscious Eden that he would see to it that those responsible for the attack on him were held accountable after realizing that it had now hurt the woman he loves (though she isn’t yet aware of this)…

The following week, Cash reports to work and requests access to the taskforce database from Rose (Kirsty Marillier). The communications about the hit being placed on Cash were intercepted by the taskforce, which has been keeping an eye on the bikers for a while. Not that they informed Cash that his life was in peril; Rose was the one who shared that brief detail.

Cash updates Rose on the situation but says he won’t inform the taskforce just yet because he needs to figure out a method to show that the bikies planted the bugs.

He finds a recording of the contact Lloyd (Oliver Ackland) made to report Cash was still alive after the accident while searching through the database.

That at least demonstrates that the bikers were in charge and that they were keeping an eye on him, but Cash still requires more evidence regarding the devices.

When the subject of Flick and Eden comes up later that evening, Irene (Lynne McGranger) wonders who would want to hurt them. Knowing that the bikies are watching, Cash ushers Irene out swiftly. The following day, Cash makes a significant choice: he will go visit the bikies’ sergeant-at-arms, Tex (Lucas Linehan), who is imprisoned.

Tex seems particularly smug as Cash approaches him across the prison exercise yard, apparently surprised that Cash is looking so well after being shot by Marty during the siege.

With great satisfaction in having fooled a copper, Tex immediately inquires about his ex-girlfriend Rose, but Cash shifts the topic to the ute, which he is aware had been sabotaged.

Tex denies any knowledge as Cash directly questions him if he was accountable. Besides, how could he have pulled that off while incarcerated?

Tex refuses to answer any further questions unless he has something in writing to state that he’ll benefit in some way, a lighter sentence for example. But when he realises that Cash is here unofficially, and therefore has no power to help in that respect, Tex declares that their conversation is over.

Cash turns to exit, and Tex remarks that it’s too bad about Eden and Flick. When Cash notices that Tex has just revealed himself, he grins.

Evidently, Tex was made aware of Cash’s discussion with Irene the night before.

Cash is able to obtain a list of everyone who has visited Tex from the prison employees. Back at the station, Cash and Rose compare this list with the list of calls made by the bikies.

They learn that whenever a certain Lloyd Stevens visited Texas, calls were placed from a specific number. Bingo! It was also the same caller who informed them that Cash had survived the collision.

Cash gives Rose permission to share their results with the taskforce after they both agree to follow the rules (yay!).

Cash, however, loses patience when he gets home (sigh, it was nice while it lasted!). He grabs a radio device and informs those present that he has spoken to Tex and recognizes them.

Before destroying the bug, Cash says, “Name the time, name the location, and let’s finish this.

Has Cash just made matters more difficult for himself…?

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